Half Wood Elf Druid played by Michael

My father’s name was Brandon. He was a human trader that would travel among the Free Cities. He once was a warrior fighting for some king but decided on a simpler life. Traveling along the Edder forest, he came to a wood elf group being attacked by goblins. He joined in to help and took a bad wound to the leg. The wood elves would normally have left him on his on but they appreciated his help and allowed him to come see their healer. The healer Autumn took care of his wound and let him rest in her tent. A few weeks passed and a the wood elves came in force to put the human out of their camp. They found that the two had fallen in love and Autumn was with child. They forced them both to leave. To show his love to Autumn he gave her a gold necklace with a leaf shaped pendent with a grey diamond in the middle of the leaf. They traveled south and settled in Ylith. On the night of a full moon the baby boy was born. One year later Autumn declared she needed to return to her people. The next morning Brandon woke to find Autumn gone and the necklace around the baby's neck. Brandon decides to join up with a trade caravan to travel to Krondor in hopes of finding better work. In their travels they were attacked by goblins. A few of the traders were able to escape but Brandon died in the battle. A female human Druid came to investigate and found the baby hidden in one of the carts. She didn’t know what to do with the baby so she took him back to her home in the Dimwood forest. She decides to raise and train the baby to become a Druid. From looking at the necklace around his neck she names him Greywind. The Druid Alexis raised Greywind as her own for 15 years, teaching him all of the arts and skills of a Druid. Over those years their home was attacked many times by a female necromancy but Alexis was able to triumph every time. One night Alexis explained how they came to be together. Upset Greywind took off into the woods but got lost. Alexis went looking for him and got surprised by the necromancer with a cluster of undead. Greywind back tracked to find his master fighting for her life. He jumped in and tried to guard her until she healed herself but she gave him her spell book and told him to run. The battle set the forest on fire and Greywind used the smoke as cover to run away. He ran all night long and passed out a few miles away. A group of druids and rangers investigating the fire found him and took him back to a nearby druid village. He explained what happened but they told him all they found where a few decayed bodies. He was heartbroken that whatever happened to his master was his fault. One of the other druids took Greywind in and helped him finish his training. After 2 years under his new master, he is sent on a journey to carry messages to another druid community while looking for information about his past and Alexis. He decides to settle for a few nights in Port Natal.