Grand Theft Starship

(GM's note: Inspired by the Traveller: New Era adventure "The Long Fall Club" by George William Herbert in Challenge magazine #75)

The team returns to Oracle base with the load of weapons stolen from the smugglers in Vohrkrewel's ship. Since he made good on his information, the Rebels will release him and his crew. But, before the turn his ship over to him, they will wipe the computer so the base's location can't be tracked. C'athall reports in and Zaonderh and Leelan head to sickbay since they were both wounded.
A couple of days later, the team receives an email inviting them to an "event" in one of the supply rooms. Sometimes the base staff have impromptu parties. When they arrive, the base surgeon makes a speech about the Rebellion still formalizing things and they don't have a proper award for wounds in action. So they have made up an award, the Bleeding Bantha, which the base ground force commander presents to Zaonderh and they toast him and have a small party.
The next day C'athall and Varek are summoned to a briefing with General Reskan, Commander Gion and two more officers; a human female Mylea Javik and a Sullustan female, Ma Brubby. The general explains that they are still sorting through the information brought back from Bacrana. One thing the have learned is that Lant Mining Corporation has bought two new modified Corellian Corvettes to reinforce their fleet. The ships have been delivered to the company's main space station at Demar. There is a brief window while the ships are being brought into service before they will be fully crewed. Their mission is to take their team and Captain Javik's team and steal the two ships. If they cannot steal the ships, then destroy them. Since the corvettes will require a minimum of seven crew and none of C'athall's team are rated capital ship pilots, they will assign Lieutenant Aurin Nalle, a pilot and a couple of extra engineers to assist. As for resources, the general offers whatever the base has available. And, if they need a distraction to cover their escape, a fighter squadron will be standing by to assist. He wants a rough plan by the end of the day, a final plan in 48 hours, their time window is short. If they decide to go undercover as LMC employees, they will provide forged papers. If they need a freighter to transport them to the station, they have one. Furthermore, if they plan to make a one way trip in the ship and abandon it, that is an acceptable cost for capturing two corvettes. In that case, the freighter will have a self-destruct so they can damage the station's docking bays. Furthermore, if their plan allows for a cargo delivery to the station, a container with a bomb can be provided so they can damage the station's cargo moving equipment.
The general and commander leave them to plan, the two team leaders call in the rest of their people and they start hashing it out. C'athall does not want to land at the station and pass through their security, they decide to spacewalk to the corvettes and board them. But that may be difficult, not everyone in the teams are skilled enough to make that trip. One of Javik's people points out they can program everyone's maneuvering units to follow a leader on autopilot. Varek's jet pack skill makes him their team leader. But, if the transport drops them far enough away to stay off sensors, it will be too far for the suits. The teams consider using life pods to board the ships, but the life pods are too likely to be detected. Finally, they combine the plans. A freighter will carry them to the Demar system and the two teams will deploy in two life pods while the ship is safely out of sensor range, and make the final leg in their suits. Since the ships are new, their computers are still running their default programs from the shipyard. Hack is assigned to research any override codes that are part of the initial setup. If they arrive before the LMC techs install their own encryption, it will be easier to take the ships. Leelan wants to bring Redo, since he is programmed with slicing skills. If they can't get in with codes, Leelan also gets some breaching charges and his plasma torch. A cargo maneuver pack is procured for the droid. With the plan finalized, the mission is a go. Flight Officer Lirisa Castri is assigned to fly the teams to Demar in an old L-19 freighter.

The two teams board the L19 with all their gear. The ship is crowded, but its a short flight to Demar. Lirisa drops out of hyperspace at a safe distance and the teams board their life pods and launch. Lirisa wishes C'athall luck over his private com frequency, she'll be waiting when they get back. The freighter jumps back out of the system. The two teams fly towards the station in their very cramped life pods. Varek has a little bit of anxiety, but Leelan talks to him and takes his mind off it. When the pods arrive at the edge of the station's sensors, they evacuate the pods and form up on the hull. Varek misses the grab bar and starts to drift off, but before he can correct with his jets, Aurin grabs his foot and pulls him back down. Everyone runs through suit checks and they take off for the station. As they approach, the station grows in the distance, they can see the two corvettes docked together. A departing ore freighter comes close enough that they feel its engine wake, but apparently they pass unnoticed. Varek maneuvers to the starboard main hatch of a corvette and lands exactly on the hatch. The rest of the team lands around him, magnetic boots clicking to the hull. Team two reports they have arrived as well. Hack punches in the override codes and the outer hatch opens, they swing inside, close the hatch and the airlock repressurizes. The inner door opens and they see the corridor is dimly lit, the lights are in night mode. Leelan plugs Redo into the system and Hack checks a computer panel as well. The ship seems to be quiet, the original codes are still active. They decide to split up, C'athall and Leelan will take the engineers to main power and get the reactor online while Varek, Zaonderh, Hack, Aurin and their pilot Gamsil head to the gunnery controls and the bridge. When the turbolift opens on the engineering deck, they realize this deck is not fully pressurized, its maintaining a mostly nitrogen mix. They slam their helmets shut and move forward. As Varek's team approaches the gunnery room, two security droids appear and challenge them. Hack shoots and misses, then Varek hammers them with his light repeater, but the droids are quick and armored. He destroys one and blows the gun arm off the second. Before it can pick up its dropped blaster, Aurin finishes it with a shot from her pistol. In engineering, two more droids attack C'athall's team. C'athall destroys one, but misses the second. The team opens fire as well and engineer Milla Donnall damages the second droid. C'athall squeezes off two more shots and finishes the droid. Leelan and the two Rebel engineers start resetting the ship's atmosphere up to normal and begin bringing the reactor up to full power. The bridge team finds the main gunnery room, then heads on to the bridge. But their are two techs and two more security droids on the bridge. Zaonderh blows the head of one tech all over the viewport and Varek sprays blaster bolts at one droid and hits and destroys it. They shoot at and drop the second tech. Hack dives into the bridge, taking cover, but the second droid hits Hack, burning a hole in his spacesuit. They gang up and drop the second droid.

Thinking the ship is secured, they prepare to get under way. Hack slices into the station network and releases the docking grapples. C'athall and Leelan come up from engineering, Leelan and Aurin take positions in the gunnery room. But two more droids attack engineering and two more attack Leelan and Aurin. Leelan is stunned and Aurin runs for help. C'athall, Varek, Zaonderh, Hack and Aurin counterattack and destroy the two droids approaching the bridge, then Varek and C'athall go below and ambush the two droids trying to get into engineering. They get Leelan awake and he takes over astrogation. As the two ships pull away from the station, they open fire, raking the docks, damaging the reactor and communications array. Two system patrol ships approach and they trade fire with them, driving them off as the ships make the jump to light speed and escape into hyperspace. They search the ship for more droids and crew and come up clean this time. They come out shortly at their rendezvous and then recalculate to return to Oracle Base.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Varek has the start of a panic attack in the cramped lifeboat
Kevin "Can someone command me not to freak out?"
Emily rolls to calm Varek down and was considering usung Leelan's Religiosity bonus
Jim "Leelan bores you into calm"

Moving towards the corvette's bridge
Jim "Make a Perception check"
Kevin <rolls> "Oh, fuck…"

Emily and Kevin's cat Stormaggedon is always jumping on the cabinet to walk on the laptop we use for music, but we didn't have it this week, so he walked around confused and jumped down. A little while later, the volume suddenly went up.
Jim "He headbutted the volume knob on the stereo, he figured out how to mess with the music"
Kevin "I'm a DJ!"

Discussing that Zaonderh is the bullet sponge and kidnap magnet
Emily "It's like bringing your child along so the pedophiles don't bother you"

The bridge has two techs and two more security droids
Lee "There are more things on this bridge than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Security droid shoots Hack
Lee <russian accent> "Fuck you droid, I shoot you back"
Jim "Thank you Boris"

Discussing MC's character Aurin, and what about her gives the Memorable complication
Mike "Giant boobs"
Lee "Captain Hotboobs?"

Everyone is making Sensor rolls and most people do poorly
Jim "The computer says 'You seem to be trying to search for ships, can I help?' "

Heading away from the patrol ships, plotting the jump to hyperspace
Jim "You've got two…"
Mike "Tickets to Paradise?"
Jim "I was going to say rounds of combat"

Again discussing Aurin's big boobs
Emily "She has fan service boobs?"