Gold Rush

Heavy Metal
The crew delivers cargo on St. Albans and the captain begins looking for their next job. He secures a cargo of processed alloy bound for Liann Jiun and posts that as their destination. They also book a group of four business people heading for Liann Jiun as well. Loading and checking in cargo proceeds uneventfully, but as they are finishing, a group of locals in an old truck loaded with gear show up. They are cruising the port, slowing to look at destinations posted by the few ships here. When they get to the Britannia, the driver hops out and negotiates with the captain. They are heading to the Gold Rush on Ormuzd and are looking for passage, the ship is going to White Sun, so that gets them halfway. The captain says he only has a single room with 2 bunks, they offer to pay full price and pay to ship the truck and gear as well. Captain Windsor agrees and they drive on board. The cargo is loaded and the ship departs.

"Your papers, please"
A day out from St. Albans, the ship is hailed for an inspection stop by a Bu Shao class Patrol boat, the IAV Heimdall. They send a boarding party over on a dropship, led by the ship's commander, Captain Matheson. The inspection is short, thorough and brusque; the captain is an Osiran and an Alliance veteran, he certainly does not care for any former blackjacks, especially "a Londy turncoat" like Windsor. However, since they don't find anything amiss, they are released and continue on their way.
The ship arrives at Liann Jiun and discharges cargo and passengers. The port concourses are filled with travelers carrying backpacks and dufflebags, obviously looking for passage. Some approach Captain Windsor, since their destination is listed as undecided. They ask if he would consider going to Ormuzd and he says yes, if enough people are interested. They ask how many people he'll take and the captain decides on twenty. The people start shouting "He'll take twenty!!" and they rush to form a line. In the end, Windsor offers passage to the team from St. Albans and gives them two rooms, then sells his last two bunks for 100 credits, and gives twenty more floor space in the hold. Conferring with Cid and Silas, they decide to buy a portable bathroom unit for campers to put in the hold and connect it to the ship's water and sanitation systems. With plenty of cash coming in, the captain has pay day a week early so the crew can spend it in a decent port.
Meanwhile, Naomi and Ruan have gone into the city to party and find an excellent rave with live music. Unfortunately, Naomi allows herself to get doped with roofies and passes out and a couple men try to carry her off. Ruan attacks them and brawls with them, but his assassin programming kicks in. He knocks one out with a chair, then shoots and kills the other. He manages to get Naomi out and escapes to the ship.
With plenty of passengers and no need for cargo, once Windsor hears what happened, he moves up take off. He does buy 200 credits worth of assorted supplies to sell. Ronnie and Sarah return to the ship, he is pissed about all these extra passengers and that he was not given time to find work on the layover since it was cut short. Everyone checks in and they lift off.

"A wretched Hive"
The Britannia lands at the town of Blackburn, near the gold rush area. What was a small farming town has been transformed; the old style wood buildings are surrounded by a shanty town of shacks, cargo containers, tents and such. A couple other tramp freighters are grounded around town, also dropping off groups of wanna be prospectors. They unload their share and go exploring town. Naomi tags along with the Fullmers and criticizes everyone around them to Sarah, Ronnie is more than a little angry at Naomi's prejudice against the locals, since his family came from a similar background. The captain goes into town and tries to sell his supplies to the local general stores. The first one offers too little, but the second is more generous and Windsor closes the deal. With no real chance of cargo here, the Britannia lifts off empty and heads across system to Boros. Since this is one of the better ports, Windsor decides on a couple day lay over for shore leave and also to go ahead and do monthly maintenance. Cid contacts his father and has him pull strings to get the ship in for overhaul sooner. Ronnie visits with his mentor, Samuel Campbell and Ruan and Naomi go to the theatre and have a quieter evening out.

(GM's note: If this seems like a somewhat abbreviated adventure, it was. The players didn't follow through on an adventure hook as much as I had hoped, or maybe I didn't emphasize it enough. Maybe we'll return to Ormuzd someday or I will use that hook again somewhere else-Jim)

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee "We've got a cargo of <sings> heavy metal" That gag was repeated for the first half of the session.

Jim is describing the port on Liann Jiun and how its like a modern day airport with long concourses serving the landing berths
Emily "There's a Burger King and a Starbucks"
Lee "This is the future, there's just Taco Bell"

Talking about how Silas's mustache is frightening and intimidating, making jokes about how the ends curl up like someone showing off their biceps and its so tough that Silas sharpens his knife on it.
Kevin "My mustache is offended"

Naomi is heading out for a night on the town
Raleigh "I'll be right drunk"

Matt's character is paying his passage in advance so the crew can buy better security gear
Kevin "So your room is endowed?"
Lee "This crapper made possible by a grant from the Fullmer Fund"

The ship is taking on 20 passengers who are sleeping on the cargo bay deck
Emily "Its going to smell like Gen Con"
Raleigh "We got paid to take yokels to yokeldom? Boooo"

Ruan carries an unconscious Naomi aboard after she was doped with roofies at a rave
Emily "I'll be in my bunk"

Talking about the guy Ruan killed at the rave
Raleigh "His mind was blown"

Matt "There's going to be a bar fight"
Emily "Why?"
Matt "Because I'm going to take Naomi to a bar"