Gods of Midkemia
Name (sex) Align. Symbol Portfolio Worshippers
Killian, Singer of Green Silences (f) N Green tree Nature, Oceans Druids, elves, rangers, farmers
Astalon the Just (m) LG Sword and hammer Justice, Civilization Paladins, magistrates, craftsmen, dwarves
Sung the White (f) NG White hand Peace, Healing, Charity Healers
Dala, Shield of the Weak (f) CG Shield and mace Protection, Travelers Orphans, mothers, travelers
Ruthia, Lady of Luck (f) CN Gold coin Luck, Weather Gamblers, Sailors
Lims-Kragma, Drawer of Nets (f) N Net Death The dying, those in mortal peril
Sarig, the Wise (m) N Scroll Knowledge, Magic Teachers, scholars, mages, bards
Ka-hooli, Howler after Fugitives (m) LN Sword Vengeance, Punishment Bounty-hunters, executioners, victims
Tith-Onanka, the War God (m) LE Helmet War, Strategy Soldiers
Banath, the Nightwalker (m) NE Black Dagger Deception, Lies, Thieves, Robbers
Guis-Wan, the Red Jawed Hunter (m) CE Red wolfhead Chaos, Destruction, Passion Barbarians, assassins, murderers, dark elves, goblins

The gods of Midkemia are not as involved as the gods in other settings. Their priesthoods are smaller and less politically active and worship is not as restricted. A soldier trying to ambush the enemy may say a prayer to Banath that he can fool his enemies, for example. The evil gods are not active in trying to overthrow or corrupt others. Lims-Kragma is generally feared and misunderstood as evil, but she is the goddess of natural death, not murder. She delivers the dead to their final resting place, good or evil. For that reason, the priests of death are allied with the priests of Sung to hunt necromancers, who offend both gods.

Some priesthoods do have travelling priests to carry out their doctrine. Sung has healers who travel to areas in need, Ka-hooli has warrior priests who seek the guilty for punishment and Lims-Kragma has priests who travel to areas of suffering to ease the dying on their way. She also has warrior priests who hunt necromancers and other black wizards.