Gnolls Stole My Baby!

Michael- Dwarf Thief, Xander
Andre- Human Fighter, Ali
Jake- Elf Ranger, Alan
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum- Human Fighter, Ancip
Chris- Elf Mage, Edres
Andrew- Human Paladin of Tyr, Sir Hugo "the Meat Hammer"

The party is travelling along the road and meet a beautiful human woman in purple robes crying, face in her hands. When they approach, she explains that gnolls stole her baby and she has been looking for them and can't find them to save her baby. The party talks to her and offers to help, she offers a chest of treasure to them, but the party gets a little suspicious, her coversation isn't quite right. When they ask for information about the gnolls, she offers to bring them some bodies of ones she killed. She walks into the woods and Sir Hugo follows her to ask about the bodies. She decides to show him and polymorphs into an amethyst dragon, scoops him up and flies to her cave. She grabs a few corpses and brings them and Sir Hugo back. She says the surviving gnolls got away in a wagon with one of her eggs. The party examines the gnolls, and decides they are from the nearby mountain tribe and heads off to follow the trail. The wagon tracks lead them into the hills and they are ambushed by a group of gnolls guarding the road. They continue and spot an old castle on the other side of the valley. Xander recognizes it as a castle that belonged to an old human wizard, he bacame a vampire and terrorized the area, 50 years ago a group of adventurers burned him out.
They approach the castle and sneak up on the guards and take them out and set fire to the stables. Gnolls come out to fight the fire and half the party snipes at them while the other half go in the other side. Inside they find the egg keeping warm by the fire but there are gnoll guards and an ogre mage! The ogre mage hits them with Stinking Cloud and they fall back to the courtyard. The gnolls and ogre mage follow them out and they fight to the death. The party loads up the egg in the wagon and takes it home to the dragon.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee's cleric casts Wolfjaw, which changes his left hand into a snarling wolf head that bites enemies:
"Its like a big, dangerous puppet"

Andrew's paladin is called "the Meat Hammer" after a battle where he cut off his opponent's arm and beat him to death with it…