Gnoll Necromancer

Michael- Human Tyr Cleric Gyles
Chris- Human Mage Altier
Mike- Elf Fighter Negral
Jeff- Human Fighter

Travelling north on the Opal-Verella trade road, the party sees a sign asking adventurers to see the mayor. They are hired to hunt down a band of gnolls raiding merchants and farm villages. They head out to the farmstead that was attacked. The farmstead has been pillaged and some of the houses burned, livestock driven off. But some of the dead villagers rise as zombies and attack! The gnolls must have a powerful wizard or priest with them, the cleric says they must be stopped. The party follows the trail into the hills and are attacked by a gnoll patrol but finish them. The trail leads finally to a cave complex, inside the tunnel is guarded by more zombies. When the party finally gets inside, they fight the gnoll necromancer and his bodyguards and its a bitter fight, but the heroes win.

Magic Items
Lion's Fang Sword
Black Tooth Sword
Staff of Tempest
Guardian Shield