Glory's Flight

Short, short version- the crew is hired to help steal a famous former Independent warship from a salvage yard before it is scrapped.


(based upon the adventure "Ghosts of the Rebellion" from Serenity Adventures)
After the incidents on Zephyr, the crew hightailed it offworld and returned to Beaumonde looking for work. While on Beaumonde, pilot Howard approaches Archibald Finx for a job, but Finx thinks he's offering a job. After a little comedic confusion, Howard is hired as copilot.

Looking for work on Beaumonde

Jackson needs to do some serious maintenance on the ship and borrows the shuttle to get parts (and the shuttle's artwork). He returns with word of a possible job, his parts supplier has a customer who needs fuel tanks and a passenger taken across system to Angel.

The passenger turns out to be Saul Potter, former Chief of Staff to Admiral Sharpe, the commander of the Independent Space Navy. He remembers Capt'n Sata and Lennon from the war and hires them on the spot with a promise of more work to come. The crew takes the job and carries Potter and his cargo to Angel.

A visit with ghosts from the War

On Angel, Potter arranges a meeting onboard the ship and returns with an older man, well dressed as a frontier gentleman, but wearing an oxygen mask and walking with assistance. He turns out to be Admiral Sharpe himself!

The Admiral and Potter explain a little history. At the beginning of the war, Captain Sharpe of the Londinium Space Navy defected to the Independents with a newly built battlecruiser, the Glory, and most of her crew. They became the core of the Independents Navy. In the closing days of the war, the Glory was hotly pursued and the crew was forced to abandon her to escape. The ship was captured and Admiral Sharpe and the survivors disappeared into the Black. They never received the amnesty after the war and are still considered criminals today.

The Glory was repaired in case the Alliance needed to use her in action. But the war ended and she was put into storage. Now, the Alliance has decided to scrap her and she will be sent to the breakers to be recycled.

Tired from the strain of conversation, Sharpe needs a rest, and Lennon takes him aside to the ship's infirmary while Potter and one of the other officers from the Glory continue the pitch. Lennon's diagnosis is that Sharpe is suffering from a progressive fungal infection in his lungs. It can be cured, but not with the medicine Lennon has here. Sharpe asks Lennon to find the medicine and contact him at a secret cortex address. Sharpe lets slip that his doctor on the Moradin should be able to carry out the treatment if Lennon can get the medicine. Lennon is shocked to recognize the name Moradin, she was a mobile repair and drydock ship that disappeared during the war. Lennon is electrified by idea that they have the means to maintain and repair the Glory.

Potter's briefing to the crew continues. They know where the ship is, they have several of her former crew here on Angel and have been gathering supplies. They need the Yellow Submarine to sneak past the patrols, dock with the Glory and assist her crew in getting her moving again. The crew agrees, and prepare for their mission. Supplies are loaded, the fuel tanks filled and the repair team comes on board.

Out in the Black

Its a nine day journey to the mothball fleet, and the two crews mingle and share stories of home and the war. They drop out of pulse drive well outside the patrols and deploy a "cry-baby", then begin a high speed run to build up velocity, then coast in past the patrols with almost everything shut off. In order to slow down stealthily, the Yellow Submarine has been fitted with powerful braking rocket packs. During the braking maneuvers, one of them explodes, blowing a hole in the hull and wounding one of the Glory's engineers. Sata regains control while Jackson leads repairs and Lennon sees to the wounded officer. Howard detects an approaching patrol ship and guides Sata to hide the ship in the shadow of an old tanker. The patrol ship misses them and they dock with the Glory and begin repairs. During repairs, there are a few incidents. The Glory's engineer gets a bad electrical burn that requires Lennon's care and the Bosun borrows Wilks to go outside and repaint the LSN logo over the Alliance insignia on the hull.

The Great Escape

Things are going well, then the salvage tug sent to pick up the Glory arrives early…Our heroes scramble to complete preflight checks. One of the crew grabs Wilks and Lennon to help carry what turn out to be railgun rounds down to one of the ship's magazines. Our crew returns to the Yellow Submarine as the Glory powers up and begins to get under way. Patrol ships head their way and hail the Glory, then launch missiles. The cruiser's lasers knock down the missiles, then the lead patrol boat is destroyed by railgun fire. The Yellow Submarine undocks and runs as the Glory moves to a safe distance and escapes into the Black.

Wilks tries to go outside to launch a jury rigged rocket at the guard station's communication array, but has a panic attack about going outside and collapses. Lennon finds him and treats him, then orders Howard to carry out Wilks' task. Neither one really understands and the rocket misses. Needless to say, once everything is explained Captain Sata is very upset about the reckless lack of discipline his crew has shown and resolves to correct it…

Returning to port

Its a long flight back to Beaumonde, and much quieter without the extra people aboard. Shortly before arrival, Lennon receives a Cortex message from Admiral Sharpe containing access to an account on Beaumonde containing their pay. Sata, Wilks and Lennon decide to donate their share to the ship fund.

We will see Admiral Sharpe and the Glory again…