(Played by Jack)
• God: Clanggedin
• Town/region of origin: Dwarvenhame near the northern edge of the Dwarfberg mountains.
• Origins prior to adventuring: Young Potter/Stone Mason. Trained in these crafts by his father and mother, Ziri and Thori Alba. Younger sister Fari. Little contact with external traders at his age but has begun to converse with outsiders and travelers. No prior combat or arcane training. Planned to continue his parents profitable masonry business. Eventually dreamed of traveling across the surface world to sell his wares all over the country.
• All Cask's Night: one night a year, all dwarven Brewers gather their best ales and spirits for a night of drinking and celebration. Following day is known as the Blackout Dawn. Feyever 1st.
• The small town of Kibuzan in Dwarvenhame is the home of Giovanne's family. The town has a very small population of only around 43 dwarven Crafters and smiths. Due to the size of the town, most of the dwarves income primarily came from trades and sales to travelers, caravans, militias, battalions, and even a few barbarian tribes that traveled through the northernmost passes of the mountains. Most of the trades provided the town with enough food and money to survive by themselves for the past fifty years or so. Up until around ten years ago, the town was a quiet and peaceful settlement. The only danger the folks had ever really known was on the night of All cask's night, when a few of the older townsfolk would become too intoxicated to spare even the tavern's doors from their blind rage.
On the night of All Cask's Night four years ago, a group of barbarians had come to town to seek additional large jars for their tribe's water and ale rations. After scowering the town for pots, the barbarians came to the Alba workshop. Ziri greeted the men and showed them his largest pots and jars. The barbarians asked for his price for 10 jars, to which Ziri replied that it would be 5 gold for each pot. Outraged at the prices the barbarians pinned down and threatened Ziri to drop his price. “No more than 1 gold for such lousy work. Or should we just help ourselves?” Ziri begged for them to stop, that he would sell them the jars for 2 gold, that he needed the money to support his family. The barbarians, hearing this last plea, decided to search his house for the rest of his family. Giovane, who had been hidden near the back of the shop, ran to his sister and mother and rushed them into a nearby closet, where they began to move various jars and raw materials until a small hole in the wall appeared; the shop's emergency exit. Giovane climbed out first. As he reached the outside, he could hear the barbarians tear down the closet door and drag his mother and sister out. They began to scream in horror as they were dragged into the main room. The barbarian leader, who had introduced himself as Zeroc, had the daughter dragged outside and loaded into their wagon, along with most of the pots and jars. As Ziri broke free of the barbarian’s grasp, Zeroc reached forward and slashed his throat and chest open with his serrated dagger. Thori screamed in horror at Ziri’s demise, only to join him as one of Zeroc's men charged forward and slammed her head to the ground with a swing of his heavy club. As the room fell silent, Zeroc combed through the rest of the shop, searching for anything of value. Once he felt satisfied, he and his men left, along with Giovanne’s sister. He was shaken, enraged, powerless, yet determined. He ran to the local tavern near the center of town and began to ask anyone and everyone for help to avenge his parents and save his sister. He begged and begged but to no avail. All of the townsfolk were too intoxicated to take this child seriously. They laughed at his years, saying that he should keep his dreams and nightmares to himself, that no one likes to hear babies cry. Giovane ran to the edge of town, hoping to find some answers. When he arrived, he found a large tunnel, one that he knew for certain would lead him up to the surface, to the rest of the world, to the land of his sworn enemies, and to the place his sister was taken. He vowed, as he began the walk towards the top, that he would find his sister by any means and learn the arts of combat and justice.
• Informal training: ventured for a year by himself on the surface, enduring and learning the basics of survival as he went. He used the knowledge he acquired from his family to make a small amount of money selling small pottery to travelers. After around a year of travel, Giovane finally tracked down the location of Zeroc and his barbarian tribe.
After an initial valiant effort and struggle, Giovane was subdued by the barbarian's and brought before Zeroc himself. Zeroc, not recognizing the boy at first, laughed at the thought of this child killing him for what seemed like a silly reason. After threatening Zeroc with what Giovane described as "a pain that will not only bring you to your knees, but rend your soul to receive Clanggedin's wrath." Zeroc, deeply amused with Giovane's determination, offered him the fight he sought, if he was able to grow into a strong warrior than himself. To mark his promise to Giovane, he took the tip of his serrated dagger and gave Giovane a scar under his right eye in the shape of a Z. He then struck Giovane in the head with the back of his hand and knocked him out. After spending the next day or two unconscious, a group of clerics who had been walking through the area discovered his body and brought him under their care. They offered him training in the ways of a tempest cleric. He gratefully accepted and spent the next two years training to understand basic spells, tempest combat abilities, and how to channel divinity for additional strength. Giovane grew accustomed to his newfound skills, and adopted a new edge in his personality. The clerics taught him that while his anger and rage towards Zeroc was justified, he must learn to control it and only enact justice on those who would threaten the lives of others. They trained him that harm should only be used to deal with evil, and not for settling petty arguments or stealing.
Giovane also began to accept a new connection to the natural world, primarily in the form of his command of thunder and lightning. During his time in the wilderness, he had always feared the heavy thunder and intense lightning of the rainstorms among the mountains. However by the end of his training, he had grown fond of the rolling thunder and it’s mighty calls. He felt that one of his greatest fears was now his own tool to wield through the teachings of the clerics. He felt that this quaking power he held would one day bring Zeroc and his minons to their knees in fear. He wanted to turn the scar on his face into a symbol for the mighty storm that would rid the world of evil, and not of his tormentor's promise of a fight to end his existence. For now though, the scar serves as a reminder that Giovane must still find and save his sister. After being accepted by the tempest clerics, Giovane spent the next year tracking down clues to Zeroc's hideout. While following leads to an abandoned hideout a few months ago, he joined a small adventuring group that had been dealing with orc bandits for a few weeks.
Following the events of his attack on Zerec's men in the town of Dalansvale, Giovane lost his cleric status as Clangeddin stripped his powers from him. He was subsequently arrested by the town guard and held prisoner until a Tsaian royal investigator and a representative from Tyr's church arrived to investigate. A black tattoo of a broken axe appeared on his forehead marking him as an oathbreaker. Following the investigation and after consultation with Clangeddin's church, Giovane was sentenced to 30 years hard labor.
His arms and equipment were seized and sold and put in a trust for his sister. Following her rescue, she was allowed to see him before he was remanded to a Tsaian royal prison.

Game notes: Long Story Reward- One extra 1st level spell slot