Ghoul Train

Bill, Frank, Geck, Hector, Marco, Max, Maaria

After a series of murder/disappearances, the BPRD sends a team to Brooklyn to investigate. Large bloodstains have been left behind, sometimes with a victim's belongings and a police officer disappeared after firing at a dark humanoid which was caught by a security camera. They examine the scene where the officer was killed and Geck smells dead meat. Since the incidents took place in or near subway stations, they decide to walk the tunnels, looking for clues. They find an old homeless vet living in a maintenance tunnel, he says he's seen the monsters but he drove them off with a crucifix he got from a missionary killed in Vietnam. The crucifix is a true holy item, they believe it to have been made from a relic of Saint Brigid's.
They decide to set up security cameras in the tunnels and settle in for a stake out. They go back the next day and while setting traps, discover a tunnel dug through one wall. It leads to a closed off section of old abandoned subway lines. They have the local police check the old maps and close off possible exits, then go in. They encounter three ghouls and defeat them and move deeper. In an old station they fight more ghouls and a witch who worships Arawn, the celtic god of the dead. They capture her and find an altar, on it is a glass globe of green swirling mist, possibly a soul prison.

(It was 11:30 and we needed to wrap up)
The globe and witch are taken back to the BPRD. The globe holds the souls of the victims taken by the ghouls, their bodies were eaten by the monsters. The souls are released to their final rest. The witch was tried, sentenced and executed, her body burned and salted.

Quotes and smart remarks
Niels, talking about his character "She's Greek"
Matt "My character is German."
Niels "Stop messing with our economy!"

Mike "Oh no, we're in a subway, we're being doubly railroaded"
Matt "And old subways, triply railroaded"

Niels "Did it escape on the subway? Does it have a train pass?"
Jim "No…"
Niels "Then that's an extra reason to get it, fare evasion!"

Mike "There really are alligators in the sewer!" referring to Geck.
Kevin "We have a lizard man on our team, your argument is invalid"

Konrad's lizard man is trying to help the others climb a wall.
Matt "Just stick your tail down there <as a rope>, if it comes off, it will grow back."
Konrad "Yeah…"
Kevin "But it really hurts"

George rolls two 1's on 2d8 "That's eleven, right?"

Mike to Konrad "I've got to rub more dice on you, you're good luck"

Matt, talking about the villain, who was a witch "The only course now is to put her in a lake with a duck…"