Ghost Tower

Players and Characters
Brittany- Half-Elf Monk Tai-Li
Chmiel- Halfling Rogue Swashbuckler Don Jon Van Asseldonk*
Evan- Human Circle of the Moon Druid Chatterfang
Katya- Human Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer Druka
Sam- Elf Eloquence Bard Capote Voila

The party is travelling in southern Tsaia and passing through intermittent snow showers. After the snow lifts in the afternoon, they spot a large orc raiding party moving from the hills onto the trade road. They spur their horses away and the orcs give chase. Don falls off his speeding horse but recovers and gets back on and follows the party. The orcs pursue. The spot a worn side road and see a castle in the distance. Hoping for shelter, they take the side road. Glancing back, the orcs rein in and decide to continue on the main road. As sunset approaches and they come nearer the castle, they see it is in ruin, but a silvery shimmering light flickers from the top floor of the tower. They decide to investigate and move inside through the main door. The inside is in shambles and there are signs of long ago battle. They investigate a door which leads to the partially collapsed great hall, but decide to stick to the more intact sections. But a swarm of six shadowy figures apears from the shadows and attacks, cutting Don off from the party. They are dark, featureless humanoid shadows with a chilling touch. One oozes through cracks in the wall to attack the party from behind. Don and Tai-li fight with sword and staff, Capote hurls Firebolts. Druka flames three with Agannazar's Scorcher and Chatterfang smites them with Moonbeam. Each time one dies, Capote, Druka, and Chatterfang hear ghostly screams, but Don and Tai-Li do not. The ghostly figures are dispelled, but the party is sorely wounded and they decide to rest. They make camp in the tower. In the morning, they decide to explore the near end of the castle and find servants quarters and the kitchen. There are occasional bodies, all very old killed by weapon blows. Moving upstairs, they find guest rooms, but more ghostly figures appear. These are translucent and features can be seen. Chatterfang changes into a giant spider to climb the wall and attack from above. Capote hits one with Dissonant Whispers. More come from adjacent rooms and attack, but the party is able to destroy them. They move to the end of the floor and find the master bedroom. There's a small chest under the bed and Don opens it and is stabbed by a poison needle trap, but the poison is old. Inside are a pouch of coins and an old potion.
They have not found a way into the top floor of the tower where the light comes from. The party examines the tower wall and Tai-Li finds a secret door. Chatterfang is still in spider form and climbs up the outside of the wall. The party moves inside and finds a library and stairs leading to the top floor. Outside, Chatterfang sees a silver glowing ghost of a woman kneeling before an altar, on the altar is an old body held in place with a dagger. The party comes up the stairs and a wraith appears and attacks. Chatterfang squeezes in the window and goes back to human form. The party fights the wraith, but Don is knocked out. Capote is also badly wounded, but as they hammer the wraith, she gets in a finishing blow.
The ghost has a collar on a chain running to the dagger and it disintegrates when the dagger is pulled from the altar. The ghost thanks them and says she and the spirits of her servants have been imprisoned by an enemy's curse. She thanks the party for freeing them and and tells them the location of a secret compartment in the wall holding some coins, a Ring of Protection, and a Cloak of Invisibility before she fades away.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Before the game, discussing Sam's character on Facebook
Sam "My name will be Capote Voila, AKA Pancho's cousin on the elf side"
Jim "You get a chip. And a facepalm"
Sam "YAY. I gotta give Nick most of the credit, though, haha"
Jim "He gets the facepalm, you keep the chip"

Chmiel's halfling can play the lute
Chmiel "My stage name is Lutecris"
(There was more in that vein, but one was bad enough)

Sam "I want to do something fun, I talk shit to the ghosts. Dissonant Whispers"

*Van Asseldonk is a real Dutch surname in the Netherlands. Brittany encountered it recently and shared it with Chmiel. Since 5E has recently inflicted some bizarre demihuman names on us in published adventures (gnomes named Erky Timbers and Copper Knobberknocker, for example. WTF?), Chmiel decided to up the ante.