GERIA Transfer

(Stolen almost whole from the Classic Traveller adventure by the late John M. Ford from the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society)

The Capriccio Vivace is at Holden City on Mars. Quincy receives a call from a patron, looking to hire some Cowboys to catch an industrial spy. The spy is travelling by train from Hesperus to Holden City and will arrive in a couple of hours, he is offering 100,000 woolongs for his capture and the return of the secrets he has stolen. The team agrees and takes the job. Duke calls his old partner to see if he can get them access to the train station's security cameras, Quincy and Dirty Dan head for the train station and Duke follows in a taxi. Duke's partner can't get him access, and when he arrives, his attempts to schmooze the station manager fail. The station manager assigns one of her guards to baby sit Duke.
The train arrives, but the team can't spot the spy. They do spot a commotion, someone is having a seizure and has fallen. When they approach, they see it's the spy and Dan sees someone grab the spy's bag and try to walk off with it. Dan trips him, the rival draws a gun and shoots Dan. Then Dan kicks the gun out of his hand, Duke puts his gun to the rival's head and Quincy knocks him out with his taser gloves.
At that point, the rival's backup man opens fire with a submachinegun and rakes the party. He reloads and Duke and Quincy charge him. The backup man opens fire at Duke, but his gun jams after the first shot which does hit Duke (Konrad spent 3 chips for the gun jam). Quincy drop kicks the backup man and knocks him out cold.
The station guards, paramedics and regular cops swarm the scene. Since the team has licenses, and amazingly, captured the bad guys alive without firing a single shot, the police treat them well. They are questioned and released and the team heads back to their ship. They call the patron and say they have the goods, he will call them back.
Along the way they notice they are being followed and Dan takes off, losing their tail in the traffic. They return to their ship, patch up and wait for their call. Bryce calls them over an hour later and sets up a meet at the Holden City Excalibur Hotel. Since they were followed in their car, they decide to take their shuttle and land on an adjacent building's pad. The room is on the 47th floor, it's actually a suite. When they arrive, the door is opened by someone else who greets them holding their pay in bundled cash. The team is unsure, but are willing to negotiate with the stranger. They sit down to talk, but notice a faint smell of gunsmoke in the room. When they hold out to talk to Bryce, the stranger throws the money on the table as a signal. Two doors open and three thugs enter the room, the spokesman dives behind the bar. Quincy picks up the table and rushes the two thugs with shotguns, Duke rolls over the back of the couch to take cover. The spokesman pops up from behind the bar with a submachinegun and opens fire, one of the bullets hits the cash, throwing it all over. The team fights back, killing one of the thugs and knocking out the other three. Dan is hit hard, but fortunately his armor takes most of the damage and he is out cold. Once the bad guys have been neutralized, they put down their weapons and call for police. Bryce's body is in the next room. The team is arrested and end up heavily fined and don't get paid. Since ballistics matches Bryce's killer to one of the thugs, they are not charged with his murder.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Konrad's character is talking to the train station manager, she is female and attractive, an "8"
Konrad "Perfect, 2 years younger and 5 points hotter"

Matt "Poopy dick mouth"
Konrad "That's my line"

Matt was drinking some Dos Equis beer in a can and said it was worse than the bottled version
Ryan "By "stay thirsty", they mean 'don't drink this, it's icky'."

Ryan "They have midget rage"
Konrad "It's called a Napoleon complex"

The bounty was killed by the rival team
Konrad "He's dead Jim"

Ryan, about Konrad's character's drinking habit: "You know, there's this thing called alcohol poisoning"

Matt, about the Cowboy Bebop theme song: "I'm convinced anything with bongos is awesome"
Ryan "That's why Donkey Kong is so awesome"

There was a listing of space drugs or sprugs.

Matt, to his dice after a bad die roll "You are a bad die" sets it aside, picks up another and sets that one aside. "And you are the friend of a bad die".