Garden Party

After talking to the elf mage Valdira, most of the party teleports back down to the ground. Kiistnoa searches around and finds a map of Chult and some letters with familiar looking handwriting. They are from Artus Cimber! He also finds some undead lurking in other rooms. He grabs the map and letters and joins the party on the ground. They are approached by a pair of half-human, half snake creatures who question their presence and destination in the jungles. When the party responds they are seeking to lift the Soulmonger's curse, they say the party will not succeed and attack. The party slays them and searches around, and Korinn follows their tracks to their camp. In the camp is a half-orc warrior who has been drugged. They awaken him and offer to allow him to join their party for the journey to Kir Sabal. The warrior has amnesia, and is troubled by dreams of escorting a teenage girl and young boy on a trip. Maybe he was a guard? He cannot recall. The party takes him along on their journey to Kir Sabal, the mountain monastery of the Aarakocra. The party is topped by a guard, but when they say they are here to see the teacher, they are allowed to pass. Unfortunately, the access is across many difficult bridges, and some of the party take tumbles before making it to the top. They meet Asharra the Teacher and also
Princess Manazaare and her younger brother. Turns out they are the people Nanoc was guarding, he helped them escape. He was a royal guard who began as a gladiator fighting dinosaurs in the arena. The Teacher can help them, he answers some more questions about the Soulmonger, it is in the hidden temple in the Forbidden City of Omu. But the yuan-ti have captured the city and it is in the control of their leader, a lich named Raz Nazee. Asharra can do a magic ritual to give them the power of flight, but needs a black orchid from nearby ruined village of Mangalore. The party will go there in the morning. Remoro seduces the Princess (or vice versa) and spends an…active night with her. The next day, the party heads out to find the orchid. Their path is blocked by a river which has crocodiles. Remoro and Nanoc cross the river and fight crocodiles while the party covers them from the shore with missile and spell fire. The party crosses the river and explores the gardens. They face man eating plants and gardens of flowers with hallucinogenic pollen. They explore old temples with old praise and crudely added comments, the garden may have been a memorial, with statues and poems about an old hero. They find what appears at first to be an incredibly lifelike statue, but from its horrified expression, Iakin suspects it is the petrified victim of a medusa! They explore more cautiously and do indeed meet the medusa, a maddened queen of years past, insane and mourning her lost love. She has the black orchid, but will not deal and attacks. The party fights her, some are petrified by her gaze, Talya escapes by creating an illusionary double. Aria blinds the medusa with a spell and Korinn finishes her off. They grab some loot and the orchid and return to Kir Sabal.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Our new player Scott C brought a half-orc barbarian named Nanoc Doombringer
Lee "He's available for kids' parties"

Talking to the yuan-ti, Mike gave them a sibilant, lisping accent and we responded in kind
Lee "You are missstaken"
Mike "Mis-snaken"

Crossing the bridges into Kir Sabal, many people fell and took damage
Lee "We fought the snake guys and won, but then we died crossing a bridge"

Lee's character spends the night with the princess
Scott C "In the words of Tone Loc, she is walking with a limp"

Discussing the barbarian's history as a dinosaur fighting pit gladiator
Alicia "Does he look like Russell Crowe?"

Mike is drawing the map and everyone is making guesses
Bonnie "Pictionary!"

A giant man eating plant attacks the party
Jim "Feed me Seymour!"

Bonnie rolls minimum damage of 2hp for her dragonborn's breath weapon attack
Bonnie "How does that happen?"
Lee "It was an ice hairball"