Gala Foraoise

Born an extremely sickly elfin the Forest of Elvendar, Gala Foraoise was left behind by her parents under a withering oak tree outside the village of Omashu. Cold, scared, and weak, Gala was left alone to die in the wilderness. After a day in the wilderness, a local priest of Killian by the name of Pyorian Foraoise had ventured out into the forest to collect some fresh herbs and medicinal plants for the temple. During his trip he stumbled upon the weeping Gala and rushed her back to the temple. The area where she was found showed signs of a fight, with a faint trail of blood leading further into the forest, but there was no sign of her parents or anyone involved in the attack. Pyorian assumed the worst but did not want to risk the child's health over a chase he could not win.

For the first few weeks Pyorian would not leave her side. Her condition did not seem to improve with the treatments and blessings of his colleagues. Despite this Pyorian continued to care for Gala, whom he had decided to take in as his own. After three months of this intense care, Pyorian attempted to plea to Killian directly, asking for divine intervention on behalf of the innocent life that seemed to be slipping through his fingers everyday.

Killian offered Pyorian what he sought, but at a price to Gala. "She will be gifted with my power so that she may live to do my work. Should she refuse, I will revoke my gift and leave what is left of her to Lims-Kragma. You will raise her as a mage in her own right and train her to hunt the Moredhel who have brought forth dangerous and powerful forces into your plane. This shall be her path and her price."

The next day Gala awoke to a joyful Pyorian who had longed to see the smiling face of this once doomed child. For the next forty years, Gala was trained in the sorcerer's magic. Though Pyorian knew of the raw power that resided in Gala, he focused primarily on her control of the energy rather than its vast uses. He knew that with time, Gala would come to learn new spells on her own and how much power she could exert through those spells. He did train her in physical combat as well, but with her body still being supported mostly by her gift, Pyorian did not focus on strength, but rather on strategy and maneuverability. When they were not training, Pyorian aided the temple in daily rituals, prayers, and aide to the village. Gala knew the reason she was alive, and was willing to serve in that name, even if it was as simple as baking bread for the villagers.

After these years of training and service, Gala was told that she was ready to begin her journey against the Moredhel. Guided by a vague prophecy from Killian in her dream the night before, Gala set off for the first of many Moredhel bases and dungeons. Before she left, Pyorian offered her a parting gift. It was a hand crafted oak medallion blessed as a spellcasting focus for her to use in times of struggle. It had been carved out of the withering tree where she had been found those forty years prior. The same tree that had been withering to death as she was had since grown into a strong and mighty oak tree. With a tearful goodbye, Gala promised to return once she had served Killian to her fullest.

It has been two weeks since Gala has left the village. During her first attempt at recovering a relic, she was discovered by the tower guards while trying to enter the camp. During her escape, Gala was chased by multiple archers and a Moredhel priest. The priest unleashed a scorching ray that struck Gala in her leg. Wounded and nearly found, Gala hid in a dense patch of branches high in the trees. She rested there for three days. She tried to patch her wounds herself, but struggled due to the intense pain. Just as Pyorian had done before, Gala became desperate and prayed to Killian for aid. While Killian did not heal her, he explained how she could draw her power and heal herself. After a few attempts, Gala was able to heal her wounds and get away from the camp. Recognizing how dangerous it is to try to take on such advanced forces by herself, Gala has decided to seek the help of others who seek peace in these dark times.