Frigate class Patrol Ship

The Frigate class is a post war design, a larger complement to the Bu Shao class patrol boat. The Frigate class is much larger and capable of long range missions, and is usually used further out on the rim where help is harder to find.

Frigate Class Patrol Ship
8,000 Tons
Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d8 Int d6 Ale d8 Wil d8
Speed Class: 7 Hard Burn: 9
Fuel: 514 hours at SC7
Armor: 1W 1S
Crew: 24
Troops: 30
Gear: 2 50 ton Shuttles, 8 8 man lifeboats
Armament: 2 Medium railguns (d8), 2 defensive railguns (d10 Vehicle), 6 1 ton missile launchers, 4 1/4 ton decoy launchers.
Ammunition: 30 missiles [mix of medium range (d8) and long range (d6)], 20 decoys (d6), 360 medium railgun rounds, 1800 light railgun rounds.
Cargo: 485 tons
Tough as Nails (m)
Born to the Black (M)
Complexity: 40
Cost: 1.395 million cr plus shuttles
Maintenance: 25,600 cr/year