Friends and Enemies

After defeating the necromancer, the party returns to Eveningstar. Harper still feels a pull to travel south, Raidne's feelings are lessened, but she agrees south is still better. The party continues on their journey into southern Tsaia and encounters more dwarves, gnomes, and especially halflings as they get closer to Teebra and the Dwarfbergs. The stop in the town of Maplewick and decide to layover. Eroe goes shopping for a suit of partial plate mail, but the only smith intown with a set that fits is charging too much. While Hudora is out, she is hailed by someone using her birthname, Mirabela. It is an older halfling male, Hudora recognizes him as a family friend, Heabo Clete, a merchant associate of her family. He asks why she isn't in wizard school and he tells him her parents are dead and they left her without any money for her tuition. He whispers that her parents are not dead, then loudly invites her to dinner at his inn later. When she arrives, he talks about his business and the food, then says he got an invitation to tour the inn's wine cellar, why don't they go see what else they have to offer? Downstairs, he shuts the heavy door to the wine cellar and says they should be safe from anyone spying on them. He tells her that her parents are alive; they faked their deaths to escape from old enemies. They were not always the respectable merchants she thought they were growing up and her current career as a rogue may be closer to their youth than she knew. They did put money aside for her disguised as an inheritance; he handled the money transfers. Money was sent to the school to pay for the rest of her time and more money was set aside as a nest egg. Heobo handled the transfers himself. there was also a letter sent to her from her parents with a secret magical message keyed to her to tell her where they are hiding. He does not know himself, but he has received coded messages from them and they are alive. Hudora resolves to return to her school to investigate what may have happened to her money. Heabo wishes her luck.
That night in the inn, Eroe and Pancho are awakened by an evil presence in their room. A skeletal, dog-like creature covered in blue ichor lurks in a corner, it speaks in his mind painfully, taunting him that his soul will be eaten when his master is unchained. It creates a fearful and terrifying illusion in Eroe's mind, but he shakes off the horror. Pancho and Eroe attack it, when they strike it, its slime splashes on them and burns. Harper wakes and wakes Anna, they rush to help. Hudora wakes up also, but rushes out without waking Raidne, who buries her head in her blanket. Pancho hits it with Dissonant Whispers and Hudora stabs it with Hatred's Bite. The creature leaps through the doorway and disappears. Harper and Anna rally around in the hall, other guests are coming out and the party tries to calm them and get them to go back to their rooms. The creature taunts Eroe telepathically again and reappears the hallway and attacks again. Anna hurls her Shadow Blade spell at it and Eroe takes his sword in both hands and impales the creature's leg, pinning it to the floor. Raidne hits it with a Blight spell, drying up the creature's slime. Hudora snipes it from the back of the crowd and kills it. The creature disintegrates into a pile of blue dust.
The innkeeper appears from downstairs and Pancho charms him and they take the innkeeper downstairs and send him back to bed. Pancho buys a bottle of fine wine from the innkeeper, paying double the price and the party settles in at the bar to drink. Eroe tells them what the creature said and Harper ad Raidne exchange concerned glances. Without divulging the secret behind the cult's activities, they tell the party that the creature must have been summoned by some of the cultists from the group they fought in Aldbridge.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The party is travelling through southern Tsaia, looking for danger
Jack "In Soviet Tsaia, danger finds you"

The party comes to the town of Maplewick, which spawns a few maple syrup/Canadian jokes
Brittany "Look, a duty free!"

The mashed potatoes at the inn are terrible, maybe they need to search out a better inn and steal some
Stacy "The Great Mashed Potatoes Caper"

Fighting the strange monster
Brittany "It's clearly a weird dog. Or crocodile"
Stacy "Crocodog"
Brittany "Can we tame the crocodog?"