On the way from Venus to Mars, the crew notices the ship is starting to smell. After a couple days it becomes overpowering and they figure out the ship's air filtration unit has died. They make it to Mars and land and begin looking for a replacement. Unfortunately, the ship is old and the part is only available through scrap dealers, unless they want to spend a lot of money on a custom replacement. They are referred to a scrapyard on Earth and decide to head there.
They land at a scrapyard run by a man named "Coffee". He has a big farm on one side of his land, the other is a huge junkyard of small ships, aircraft, cars and trucks, even some boats on trailers.. He meets them and says he has a couple of old ships of that type, he's pretty sure he has at least one working air unit. When they ask him how much it will cost, he replies, "Does it look like I run this place for cash?" Instead, he has an offer. If they fly to Africa and bring back a couple of ostriches for his farm, he will give them the unit. Boomer says they're bounty hunters, not animal hunters. Coffee questions them and then offers another deal. A bunch of offworld thugs took over a farmstead up the river. They're forcing the locals to grow weed for them and treating them like slaves. Coffee has nothing against a little weed if that's what you like, but forcing people to grow it instead of food for themselves is wrong. And maybe a few of the thugs may have prices on their heads. If the team will take care of them, he'll provide them with the replacement unit and help them install it.
The team agrees and heads off to the gang's hideout. They took over a big farmhouse with a barn and a generator shack. There's an old cargo shuttle at one end of the yard. The generator building has a wind turbine, some solar cells and a back up conventional generator. The barn has a couple of jeeps and a pair of 2 and 1/2 ton army trucks with machineguns on their roof mounts. After MUCH over planning, Duke and Boomer sneak into the generator shack after dark and kill the power. Quincy and Dan join them once the lights go out. The gang boss sends out one of his men to fix the generator, Quincy knocks him out and cuffs him. When the power doesn't come back on, the boss sends another guy out, he gets a shot off before he is knocked out also.
The gang boss continues to yell out the window at his men. Boomer starts up one truck and Dan hoses the house with the machinegun. They drive off to try to lure the bad guys out. Quincy and Duke hide in the other truck to do an ambush, but end up driving the second truck out. The team drives the trucks around, shooting at bad guys and running some down. Quincy smashes the truck into the front and Boomer does the same at the back door. Boomer and Dan dismount and go in the back door just as Duke throws a stungas grenade in the front door. Boomer and Dan get some of the gas and stagger back outside. The boss and his last men come outside and shoot it out with the team, and the cowboys triumph. They have five dead and seven captured thugs. They load the thugs, the two trucks and their shuttle into the cargo shuttle and fly back to Coffee's place. They give him one of the trucks and the cargo shuttle. In return, he sets aside the three ships like theirs that he has in the junkyard for their private use for parts and lets them poke around. Dan finds a supercharger to go on his muscle car.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
The ship's air filters die and the crew is stuck breathing their own stink:
Matt: "This may look like a flamethrower, but its loaded with Febreze."
Konrad: "Can we get a shitload of deodorant candles?"

Michael's character Boomer buys a bunch of guns, knives and ammo to conceal around the ship. There were lots of comments about guns in the couch, ammo in cereal boxes, etc.

Last adventure, Michael's character was sucker punched by an assassin so she could escape. The others were hassling him with comments like:
Matt: "This place could use a woman's touch. You know what else got a woman's touch? HIS FACE!!"

Ryan: "Let's impersonate weed inspectors."

Jim: "Do you smell that? That's the sweet smell of over planning."

Konrad to Michael and Ryan: "I want you to hot-wire both trucks, get their machine guns loaded and ready to go, and while you're at it, can you pour me a cup of coffee?"

Konrad, after injuring some of the thugs: "Someone with brain damage can still serve a prison term…<thinks about what he said>…I feel like I'm in Texas."