Fox the Badger

Crew of the A Little Luck, a Firefly class transport
Captain- Noah Ryder (Michael)
Pilot- Eli Church (NPC)
Mechanic- Lau Jiu (NPC)
Hacker- Malachi Wyatt (Chris)
Former Tong- Zhang Ren (Jeremy)

The crew of the A Little Luck is on Persephone at the town of Butler's Hope to load cargo. They are almost out of cash and repairs are due. Captain Ryder takes Zhang and Wyatt to meet their contact, a shipper named Harvey Buchanan at a restaurant. Buchanan wants to hire them to take a cargo to Boros. While they are negotiating, Badger and some of his men show up. As Buchanan starts to hand Ryder the 100 credit advance, Badger slaps the money on the table and accuses Buchanan of going behind his back to make a deal. Buchanan protests in panic that it was money for a gambling debt, Captain Ryder cleaned him out at poker last night. Ryder supports him and Badger releases the money and Ryder takes it. Badger reminds Buchanan that he has a cargo to ship out and Badger expects his cut; his men will be there in the morning. Badger and his thugs leave. Buchanan apologizes to Ryder and says there's no way they can do business now and gets ready to leave. Ryder gives him the money back and they settle down to finish their meal.
Across the crowd, a man catches Zhang's eye and flashes a tong recognition gesture at him, then gets up and goes to the bathroom. Zhang follows him in and the other tong offers a deal and tells them to come to Mama Sai's restaurant, which is a known tong hideout. Zhang returns and passes the message and they head to Mama Sai's and are shown to a private room. They meet with a tong leader who asks if they would like a job with a chance to hurt Badger. They agree and he explains that a ship carrying some goods for Badger just happened to get impounded at Tianshao port on Paquin. The ship's cargo is in a holding area, he would like them to fly to Paquin, steal one of the cargo canisters from the holding center and deliver it to the tong at Greenville on Santo. The captain agrees and gets a 120 credit advance. They return to the ship and Captain Ryder gives their mechanic enough money to repair the worst issues and they depart the next morning with a small cargo of communications gear as well.
Along the way, they plan the theft. Wyatt hacks into the impound center and generates a false cargo transfer order for them to pick up the canister and hacks a truck reservation at an equipment rental site as well. They land on Paquin, pick up the truck and drive to the holding center and pass the gate guard with the forged orders. While they are loading the canister, they notice two thug types watching them from outside the perimeter fence. Wyatt hacks back in and sends a security patrol out after them. The two men talk to the guards and one guard stays with them while the other comes back and double checks the crew's transfer paper work, then leaves again. The crew loads up and drive off to the port with Badger's cargo.
Partway to the port, the two thugs show up, they knocked out the guards and stole their cart! They start shooting at Eli driving the truck and he tries to hit them. One of them jumps to the truck and climbs on the canister. Zhang gets out of the cab and heads towards him. The thug on the truck shoots at Zhang who draws a knife and attacks. Eli hits a car (I botched) trying to get through an intersection and Ryder and Wyatt are bounced around in the truck with no seatbelts (They also botched!). The cart pulls along side and Eli, Noah and Malachi shoot it out with the driver. They get the truck started again and Zhang stabs the second thug again, then grapples him and throws him off the truck. They get back to the ship, dump the canister in the hold and return the truck and lose their 50 credit security deposit… They hastily depart Paquin with Badger's stolen cargo and deliver it to the tong and are paid another 480 credits for the job.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
After Badger shows up with four thugs and the tong boss has two guards:
Michael "Remind me to hire someone like you; everyone else has two guards"
Jeremy, pointing at Chris playing the hacker "You've got him"
Michael "He's brains, not muscle"
Jeremy "Maybe he can confuse them with math"