Forgotten Map

(GM's note- Amost entirely based on Into the Forgotten Realms adventure by Ed Greenwood, which was a tournament module, published in Dragon magazine #95)

The pary returns to Dalansvale with the rescued slaves and Giovane is reunited with his sister, Fari. It's a bittersweet meeting as Giovane is due to go to prison. Sir Nycolas agrees for Fari to accompany Giovane to prison, so they have a little more time together on the road, then he will see that she gets home to the dwarven lands. The rescued slaves are turned over to the authorities for return to their homes. The party, freed of its duties, heads out to follow their treasure map into the mountains.
The map leads them up a river valley into the mountains. The party is spotted by a pair of wyverns who swoop down to attack. Anna hits one in the face with Firebolt, Eroe, Hudora, and Harper open fire with bows and Raidne begins Call Lightning. The wyverns land and begin biting and and stabbing at the adventurers with their stinger tails. Eroe and Harper are both stung badly, but her periapt reduces the poison's effect and Eroe's toughness keeps him on his feet. Pancho is bitten and Hudora shoots from behind a boulder. The party stands tough and slays them, then moves and finds an excellent secluded grove to make camp.
The next day they arrive at what they believe is the site on the map, the remains of an ancient stone building so old few blocks remain on top of each other. There is a hole in the earth, a set of stairs descending into the depths. But it smells foul and Pancho recgnizes the scent of trolls! Raidne takes some arrows and bolts from Harper and Hudora and casts Flame Arrow. They carefully descend the steps going down more than 30 feet below ground. They come to a large octagonal chamber with open doors to the left and right, a stone statue in the center of the room and a closed door behind it. The statue is scored by claws and some old weapon marks, the troll tracks skirt the wall and go into the open door to the left. The other open door reveals a passageway blocked by a cave in. Since the troll tracks follow the wall, the adventurers do the same and go down the passageway to an old dining hall with rotten tapestries hanging in shreds and the remains of long tables and benches in the room. Two trolls emerge from an open door to the right and attack the party. Pancho, Eroe and Harper fight with blades while Raidne casts Flame Blade and Anna hurls spells and Hudora shoots bolts, but Pancho switches to using his Wand of Scorching Rays to burn the trolls. One troll goes down and a third emerges from the next room. Anna moves to cast Agannazar's Scorcher down the row of trolls, accepting that Eroe will be hit as well. The closest troll turns and attacks Anna, she throws up a Shield spell, but the trolls claws batter through the spell and savage her. Eroe and Harper are badly hurt by trolls, but Raidne steps into the gap and backstabs a troll with her Flame Blade. Eroe drops the new troll and Hudora kills the other. The party checks the other rooms quickly and finds the kitchen, store rooms and side dining rooms. Among the remains of the trolls' prey, they find a pair of finely made elven boots, a ring, coins and a potion. They take a defensive postition to rest and regain strength. Anna does a ritual Detect Magic and finds the ring, boots, and potion are magical. When they return to the entryway, the statue and door are magical, radiating transmutation magic. When they get too close, the statue turns and asks them "What is the essence of illusion?" in an old dialect. They make answers, but can't satisfy it and it declares them poor students. The statue poses them another question; "Two objects that were in contact remain in contact is the Law of?" Anna answers correctly that is the Law of Contagion, and the last door opens. They travel down a long corridor and come to a large underground canyon that disappears out of sight into darkness to the left and right. The floor lays 60 feet below them and the other side is 60 feet away. But a series of glowing magical squares provide a bridge across. Hudora ties a rope around herself and Eroe holds it as she crosses to the other side. She drives a spike into the wall to hold the rope and Eroe secures the other end before starting across. Sttrange floating creatures fly down from the ceiling to attack them, Eroe is caught on the bridge. Arrows and spells fly and most of the creatures are shot out of the air, but one bites Eroe and clamps its jaws on him. Its tail lashes him with electrical damage. He manages to kill it and pry its jaws open. Meanwhile, the dead ones have fallen to the cavern floor and a massive centipede emerges from the darkness to consume the fallen beasts, staring hungrily up at the party.
Everyone makes it safely across and they come to a small lobby at the junction of corridors. The floor is inlaid with an old arcane symbol that Anna recgnizes as an old human wizard school emblem. Nearby is an open door showing a room with shelves and a pair of chests. Anna's Detect Magic reveals the right hand chest has a magic item in it. Eroe goes to investigate and the chests turn out to be mimics and they attack him. Caught between the mimics, Eroe struggles to free himself, cutting the tongue off of one. The party pitches in and slays the mimics. Digging in the remains, they find a small statuette of an owl carved from a green stone. Looking around, the shelves are covered with boxes with faded labels. They open some to find things like charcoal, powdered diamond, feathers and chunks of cork. They realize its a store room of material components. Tired after the battle with the mimics, they settle in for a rest.
Once everyone has recovered, they move down a hallway heading south. There are two open doors on the left and a closed door on the right. The first open door is a large square room with writing and pictures on the walls, and two skeletons. The two skeletons are old and surrounded by a few metal objects like weapons, coins, arrowheads and pieces of metal armor. Raidne realizes they must have been dissolved by some kind of ooze monster. Examining the walls, the room appears to have been a classroom, the writings cover the basics of magical theory. The next room with the closed door has a large magical circle and triangle inlaid in the floor with silver. Anna thinks it is a summoning circle, but a general purpose one for summoning any kind of creature, whether fey, fiendish or elemental. The last open door is before a right turn in the hallway and this room also appears to have been a classroom, but is bare. They turn to leave and Harper and Raidne grab Eroe's arms as he is about to walk through the door. They noticed a glistening film has appeared in the door, it's a gelatinous cube! Anna hits it with a Firebolt, blowing a scorched crater in its side. Eroe draws swords and slices it, it hits him with a pseudopod then squeezes into the room. The party scatters, but it engulfs Raidne! Her skin begins to burn as the cube tries to digest her, but the rest of the party hack the cube apart and Pancho hits it with Vicious Mockery. As the cube breaks down, Eroe pulls Raidne from its remains.
At the end of the hallway is a closed door, beyond is a large gravel floored cavern with a pool at the far end. When they approach the pool, light flashes from something shiny that throws back multicolored sparkles. Hudora reaches in and grabs something with her Mage Hand and lifts up a gem tipped wand. But the pool surges upward and a huge, frog-like monster attacks the party. Two tentacles lash out at the party, one grabs Harper and begins crushing her. Eroe slashes the tentacle multiple times and the creature drops Harper, but then it lunges forward and swallows Eroe whole!! The party attacks it, desperate to rescue Eroe. Raidne drops a Flaming Sphere on it and then hits it with Thunderwave while Pancho and Hudora fire bolts at it. Anna hurls a Shadow Blade at the beast. Harper attacks it and a tentacle comes for her, but she blocks it with a Shield spell. Inside the beast, Eroe is trying to cut his way free. A tentacle grabs Pancho and Harper tries to cut him free, but she can't deal out as much damage as Eroe did. When the creature is slain, Eroe crawls out of its mouth, covered in bile. Hudora cleans the wand, it is black with silver speckles with a clear gem at the tip.
The party takes a short rest, then moves back into the tunnels and goes down the west passage to a door with faded print that says "Headmaster". They open the door and a dry, raspy voices calls them in. Behind a beautiful old desk is a skeleton in faded wizard robes, scribbling on a tattered piece of parchment. The walls are covered in non-sensical rambling notes. The creature seems to be delusional, and thinks it is still alive and the adventurers are students. Hudora plays along and convinces it she is a transfer student who needs help with a scheduling problem. It scribbles a permission slip on a fragment of paper and sends them on their way, saying he is very busy. They retreat to the hallway, the slipp is signed "Headmaster Azimer". The party gets into a spirited debate about what to do. The creature appears to be a lich, which are frighteningly powerful undead wizards. Harper feels all Liches are evil, the very act of trying to become a lich is evil. Anna agrees, but the creature is delusional, sometimes the attempt to become a lich kills you, sometimes it works but destroys your mind. Pancho says the stories he's heard of liches say there is a magic item called a phylactery that allows them to regenerate even if the undead body is destroyed. Hudora opens the door and tries to question the lich, but it brushes her off, although it is getting angrier. Raidne tries as well, but she is not as persuasive and the lich loses its temper and blasts her back into the hall with a Firebolt. The party attacks and Eroe searches the room for something that might be the phylactery. Pancho attacks the lich and Azimer summons a mist of fire that clings to him. Eroe spots a finely made lute on a shelf and passes it to Raidne to see she can feel evil in it, but she does not. Raidne smashes the lich into the wall with a Tidal Wave spell and Harper charges in with Spirit Guardians circling her and they smash the lich again and again. The lich hits Pancho with a Flesh to Stone spell, but Harper uses Dispel Magic before it finishes. Anna hurls an overcharged Magic Missile spell into the lich and Harper strikes it with her sword. The lich is defeated and falls to the floor in a heap of bones. Searching the room, they find some jewelry, a clear glass wand shaped like an icicle carved with snowflakes and a key. But no phylactery. They decide to search further and see if they can find it. At the end of the hallway is a library, but the room has been burned bare, the shelves are scorched black and not a single scrap remains. But Hudora spots a hidden door in the hallway, it opens to a short passageway with another door. Beyond is a small octagonal chamber with another magic circle inlaid with gold and silver and other metals. Anna thinks it is a teleportation circle. Hudora walks in it to see what happens, but nothing does. Anna thinks you would need to cast a Teleport spell and the circle would teleport everything inside of it to another ring. They find no phylactery here either and wonder if it is where the ring goes to. They think they've searched the whole complex, but realize they haven't gone down into the main cavern. With the giant centipede…
They return to the canyon and climb down on ropes. Raidne slips, but Hudora catches her with Feather Fall again. The centipede charges out of the shadows to attack Harper and Raidne. The party fights it and Pancho scares it off with Dissonant Whispers, but it returns to attack before they slay it. At the northern end of the canyon they find a keyhole and the key opens a secret door, but it is magiacally trapped and a Fireball explodes throwing the party around. Inside is a chamber with a pedestal and a small locked box. Hudora tries to pick the lock with her Mage Hand but fails and poisoned needles stab out from the box. She tries again and the box opens, exposing a glowing red gem. Eroe smashes it with a sword and the spell fades. They decide to leave the complex, but they'll come back sometime when Anna can use the teleport circle.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Nick is talking about casting Crown of Madness/Enemies Abound
Stacy "I hope they smack each other and their money falls out"
Jim "Laziest. Thief. Ever"

Wyverns circle the party and attack
Nick "Wyverns are the Slim-Jims of dragons"
Pancho takes damage
Nick "Medium sized 'oof' "
Chmiel refers to them as 'Wyvern and Shirley'

The party finds the ruins of a very old building, with steps leading into the earth. It smells of troll…
Jack "Show me what's behind boulder #1"
Brittany "Holy troll, because there's a hole"

Fighting mimics disguised as treasure chests, Pancho uses Vicious Mockery
Stacy "Your mother was a suitcase!"
Jack "And your father was a lot of luggage!"

Searching through the old wizards' school
Jack "At this point, we're just looking for the teachers' lounge"

Fighting a gelatinous cube
Jim (Bond villain voice) "You win this round, Mister Ooze"

Pancho hits the gelatinous cube with Vicious Mockery
Jim "Your mother was cut up for Jello pudding pops!"

The Froghemoth dies with Eroe still inside it
Stacey "Where's Eroe?"
Brittany "I think he ran off, we should go look for him"

Opening the door to the Headmaster's office
Brittany "The Dumble-door"

A secret door leads to a passage with another door
Brittany "More-doors"
Stacy "My name is Hu-door-a"

Trying to get answers out of the insane lich
Nick "I'm going to have to seduce the lich"
Stacy "Can it tell me what floor my class is on?"
They destroy the lich
Stacy "Now I'm never going to make it to Herbology class on time!"