Food Run

(GM's note: Based on Howard Taylor's The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse story from the awesome Schlock Mercenary webcomic)

Let's be briefed
The team is called to a briefing room in the Judicial Forces Peacekeepers' building and meet with Commodore Tane and Jedi Master Cadan and a group of ship and ground force officers. An intelligence officer gives the briefing. The planet Credomar's capital city has fallen into chaos in what is practically a six way civil war. Part of the issue arose over price fixing by companies that supply food to the capital. Now, the city's government forces cannot control the food riots and armed rebels are preventing food from being delivered. So the Republic is sending a humanitarian mission. The bulk freighter Ronto with food and other supplies will be escorted by the Lavisar Courier and a mechanized company of peacekeepers will be sent aboard the assault transport Almas to secure the port and help distribute the emergency supplies. The team will recon the city to check landing fields and then assist the aid mission. The team asks if they can take along a starfighter, but are told no, since no ship to ship combat is expected. Once on the ground, the Peacekeepers will convoy supplies to local aid stations and help maintain security. Unfortunately, neither the Ronto or the Almas are particularly speedy vessels and the trip will take ten days.
After the briefing, the team requisitions equipment. Alana tells Spots to be sure the ship is fully stocked, especially with medical supplies. She then requisitions two military speeder bikes from the base motor pool. Bruin sends a message to his reporter friend on Coruscant, looking for information about how the situation arose.
Fom has finished building a new lightsaber with a magnetic connector, allowing him to join his two lightsabers into a double bladed version. XTR-MN8 confronts Bruin, accusing him of tampering with XTR's program as a prank, but Bruin denies it.

Pick up or Delivery
The transports load the next day and the trio of ships depart Herdessa for Credomar. Since its going to be a long flight, Bruin decides to go into Hibernation Trance to make the time go by quickly. XTR tries to do the old hand in warm water prank, but Bruin wakes up when moved. XTR does manage to hide an anonymous note warning Bruin that there are government spies amongst the jedi.
The ships arrive safely at Credomar and descend into the atmosphere and approach the city. Two missiles with proton warheads are launched at the Ronto and Quint barely manages to shoot them down. They backtrack the missiles and XTR and Quint shoot up the site and the Almas hits it with a missile as well. Circling the city, they see that one of the ports, Southport, is littered with debris and wreckage. Northport is smaller, but clearer. They are hailed by a local source, claiming to be the Credomar government and are ordered to land at Southport. Then another caller hails them, tells them its a trick and orders the ships to land at Northport. Bruin analyzes the signals and sees that neither one is coming from the government compound and both are trying to slice into the ship's computer. He counter attacks and wrecks their computers. They receive a third signal, with video, from a human male in uniform claiming that they should land at Northport, government forces have secured the port. They agree to land at Northport, but will come in carefully. They receive a fourth signal from a civilian transmitter, a simple plea "Don't let them steal all the food again".
When the Lavisar Courier comes in to land, there is a unit of troops standing in formation. But Alana notes that their uniforms don't match in cut or color quite right and they carry mixed weapons. Fom's Danger Sense warns there is something wrong and Alana orders Quint and XTR to open fire. The troops break as the ship's guns slaughter them. The Almas lands and her hatches drop, Republic APCs move out to seize control of the port and round up prisoners. The team goes to the armory to grab weapons and gear, Spots is checking out equipment. XTR-MN8 tries to get two thermal detonators, but Spots denies him and gives him two frag grenades instead. The company of Peacekeepers secure the perimeter and make preparations to begin delivering supplies. Company commander Obrinn sets up her command post. The peacekeepers prepare trucks to carry supplies and clear a warehouse to hold supplies offloaded from the Ronto. Once the first convoy worth of trucks is loaded, they move out. An APC leads the truck convoy, with another at the rear. Alana and Quint drive the speeder bikes and Bruin, Fom and XTR ride in the lead APC.
The drive across the city isn't too bad, many major streets are still clear, but in some areas there are burned out vehicles and buildings and there are several active fires spread across the city. The convoy arrives at one of the local aid centers where police help pass out food and emergency supplies to the locals. Fom and Bruin have their Danger Sense up and get a moments warning when a sniper appears on a roof top to shoot at them. XTR zeroes in on the sniper and shoots him twice, wounding him. Fom and Bruin bring up Lightsaber Combat to allow them to block blaster bolts and they go in chase. XTR tries to use his new rocket pack, but the nozzle explodes, knocking him down and damaging him.
Bruin cuts the door to the tenement away and charges inside. The two Jedi follow the sniper through the building and catch him, Fom cuts him down with his new double lightsaber. The sniper had a hunting blaster rifle and an armband for United Anarchy, the most militant of the factions on Credomar. They have carried out many terrorist attacks against the government and other factions. They take the rifle back for Quint to examine.

30 Megatons or its free
After making sure the rest of the supplies were unloaded at the relief station, the convoy leaves a squad of troops as guards and returns to the port. Fom, Bruin, and XTR are going to join the night watch. In the middle of the night, XTR spots a group of people approaching the perimeter fence closest to one of the warehouses. XTR calls for assistance and Fom and some soldiers join him to sneak up, but one of the soldiers makes a noise (Botch!) and alerts the intruders. Alana, Bruin and Quint leave the corvette to help. They call upon the intruders to surrender, but the intruders throw a grenade at the team and run. XTR tries to catch it and throw it away, but doesn't have time and it goes off in his hand. It blinds XTR and stuns Fom and the soldiers. XTR opens fire and hits two of the fleeing intruders, killing one and wounding the other. Alana, Bruin and Quint arrive with Peacekeeper reinforcements and the wounded and dead are carried back to the assault transport's sickbay.
In the morning, word comes that the United Anarchy faction has seized a power plant and its threatening to blow it up. The team is ordered to deal with the terrorists. Bruin searches the city's records and finds the plans for the plant and an accessway from the a maintenance tunnel. They decide to split up: Bruin will go to negotiate with the terrorists with XTR as his bodyguard while Alana, Fom and Quint sneak into the plant through the maintenance tunnel. Bruin comes to the front door and speaks to the terrorists, they tell him to drop his lightsaber and come in alone, leave XTR outside. He drops a decoy lightsaber and goes in. Bruin keeps up a steady chatter with the terrorists about how "United Anarchy" is an oxymoron, which is the attack signal. Fom cuts through security doors allowing the second team to enter the plant. Alana notices the plant's emergency lights are on, status boards show the reactor is already building to a deliberate overload. Once Bruin is inside, he uses his Electronic Manipulation Force Power to open the two security doors and allow XTR to enter and attack. XTR attacks the remaining door guards, Bruin draws his concealed lightsaber to deal with his guards and Fom leads the second team to attack the terrorists in the security office and reactor control room. More terrorists attack from behind, coming out of the employee lounge where they held the plant technicians hostage. Once all the terrorists are dead or out of action, the technicians reverse the overload and the city is saved. Peacekeeper reinforcements arrive to secure the building and remove the terrorists.

Additional Characters
Assault Transport Almas
Captain Mar Pellis Human Male
XO Lt Cmdr Jar Sovv Sullustan Male
Company Commander Nella Obrinn Human Female
First Sergeant Heksor Pirra Gotal Female
1st Platoon Lt. Gredar Dallo Human Male
2nd Platoon Lt. Gamchish Cathar Male
3rd Platoon Lt. Klio Broem Gran Male
4th Platoon Lt. Syala Drumarch Human Female

Bulk Freighter Ronto
Captain Loran Madak Duros Male
XO Kalu Bantim Mon Calamari Male
Cargo Master Ruk Min Devaronian Male

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Chmiel "I get the ship washed"
Jim "Do you get a Super Kiss? In case you hit an asteroid and have to come back this week?"

Requisitioning equipment
Kevin "Do we have a Holocaust Cloak?"
Jim "No, but I can get you a wheelbarrow"

Matt "What's diplomacy?"
Kevin "When you get people to do what you want without shooting them"

Planning pranks on XTR-MN8
Lee "The next thing he's going to say is 'bidibidi' " (like the droid in the Buck Rogers TV show)

Michael feels XTR isn't allowed to speak during the briefing
Lee "You just have to speak up;" 'Excuse me, meatsacks' "

Matt "I used to teabag womprats…"

Lee rolls a 34 while hacking
Lee "I am Root!"

Discussing how dangerous the city is
Michael "They should have the Olympics here"

Kevin and Lee are rolling terribly to chase the sniper
Jim "The slowest chase in the history of the Jedi Order"

One of the soldiers botches a Sneak roll
Kevin "I feel that if I was a Sith Lord, I would just kill him"

Kevin "We're no longer sneaking sneakily"
Jim "You're strolling casually"

Lots of Botches, especially from Lee
Chmiel "He lives in Botchington"
Then Mike Botches on First Aid for Fom
Chmiel "I have a band-aid with Sponge Bob on it"
The Peacekeeper medic rolls a 20
Jim "Someone figured out which end of the stethoscope goes on the patient"

Lee is planning to negotiate with the terrorists
Chmiel "You can do your plan, but you have to take XTR with you"
Kevin "Oh Lord…"

Discussing the terrorists' plans and that they seem to be fairly with it
Kevin "This isn't their first rodeo. It might be their second, but it isn't their first"

Bruin opens the security doors for XTR
Jim "The inner and outer doors open at the same time"
Kevin "It's a trap!"

Cutting through doors
Kevin "I would like to stick my lightsaber in"
Chmiel "That's what she said"
Chmiel "Here's Johnny!"
Lee "Here's Jedi!"

The terrorists attack XTR
Lee "This would be a bad time for a botch"
Michael "I have good armor…" He botches