Fom Terren

(played by Kevin)

Physical Description
Fom is a Lasat Male. He is tall, 6'8", has gray fur with purple stripes, dark purple hair, and green eyes. Lasat have Prehensile toes and digitigrade legs which provide ability in running, jumping and climbing beyond that of humans.

Fom was born on Lasan to a prominent family. His grandfather, Rath Terren, was a well-respected member of the Lasan Honor Guard who lost his life defending Lasan. Fom was recruited for the Jedi academy at a young age. He became the padawan of the Besalisk Jedi master Pong Krell. Pong was a by-the-book, no-nonsense master who did not suffer fools lightly. Being a non-human from a warrior planet Fom fit in quite well with Pong and eventually earned his respect. However, he personally questioned the blind allegiance to orders and militarism that Pong espoused. He rebelled slightly by focusing some of his studies in the healing and protection powers of the Force rather than only studying the more powerful skills.

After passing his trials, Fom returned to visit his family on Lasan for the first time in a long time. He was completely surprised by the reception he got. While Lasats have a strong connection to the Force, it is extremely rare for them to become Jedi. The Lasan Honor Guard honored him and even gave him a Bo-rifle, which traditionally would only be given to a member of the Honor Guard. It was, in fact, his grandfather's Bo-rifle which had been restored to full working order. While he certainly appreciated the gesture, it was hard not be be slightly embarrassed to receive the Bo-rifle without having to earn it.



A Quote

Talented (minor): lightsaber +1d6
Intimidatin' Manner (minor): Fom has a look about him that most people don't want to cross. He gets a bonus to Willpower for intimidating/interogating and resisting the same.
Mighty Fine Hat: Grandfather's Bo-rifle

Memorable (minor): Most people don't often see a 6'8" gray and purple Jedi. Fom stands out in a crowd and others get a bonus if trying to recognize him.
Things Don't Go Smooth (minor): I have a bad feeling about this.
Good Samaritan: Always help the underdog, won’t oppress or kick a downed foe


Pong Krell- Fom's jedi trainer, Pong maintains contact with his former student, since he just recently passed the Trials.

Van Sivree- A member of the Lasat government, he knew Fom's grandfather and helped restore the bo-rifle presented to Fom. Van is an senior administrator in the defense ministry.

Master Zena Nalle- Jedi Master Zena is one of the Jedi Order's best instructor's in the healing powers of the Force. She taught Fom and recognized his gift for healing. She is currently assigned to a Jedi facility at Thyferra. Human female, late 50's, long blonde hair in a single ponytail.


Dexterity: 4D
Lightsaber: 5D
- Double Bladed Lightsaber: 6D
Dodge: 5D
Parry: 5D

Strength: 4D

Perception: 3D
Sneak: 4D

Mechanical: 1D

Knowledge: 3D+1
Streetwise: 4D+1
Willpower: 4D+1

Technical: 2D+1
Demolition: 3D+1
First Aid: 3D+1

Force Skills:

Control: 4
-Affect Mind (Control/Sense)
-Lightsaber Combat (Control/Sense)
-Accelerate Healing
-Accelerate Another's Healing (Control/Alter)
-Control Pain
-Control Another's Pain (Control/Alter)
-Transfer Force (Control/Alter)
-Absorb/Dissipate Energy
-Super Leap

Sense: 4
-Affect Mind (Control/Sense)
-Lightsaber Combat (Control/Sense)
-Magnify Senses
-Sense Force
-Receptive Telepathy
-Life Detection
-Life Sense
-Lesser Force Shield (Control/Alter)
-Danger Sense
-Combat Sense

Alter: 4
-Transfer Force (Control/Alter)
-Control Another's Pain (Control/Alter)
-Accelerate Another's Healing (Control/Alter)
-Force Push/Pull
-Lesser Force Shield (Control/Alter)