The Folsom Incident

The Folsom was a former Londinium Alcatraz class prisoner transport pressed into service by the Alliance during the Aphrodite Campaign of the War of Unification. In January of 2509, she departed Aphrodite with a load of POWs and political prisoners from the Independent government. Shortly after departure, she broadcast a mayday signal, saying she was under attack by Independent Space Navy raiders. When Alliance forces arrived, they picked up some of her crew in lifepods, but the ship had been destroyed and most of her crew and all the prisoners lost.
The Alliance published it as an atrocity, probably accidental they admitted, but blamed the Independents for the attack. Independent Space Navy representatives denied the charges, claiming no ISN ship carried out the attack and counter-accused the Alliance of some kind of cover up.
Among the prisoners lost were:
Colonel Mara Starr- Her unit fought a delaying action against the first Alliance landing, allowing other Independent forces to regroup and set up defenses. Captured when her unit was overrun.
Major Thomas Harrison- A pro-Independent officer in the Aphrodite Armed Forces, he was captured and charged with treason.
Flight Commander Giao Pen, Georgia System Patrol- He led sorties against the Alliance invasion fleet, he was shot down in November 2508 and captured when his hospital unit was taken.
Captain Hal "Butch" Baker- Pro-Independent officer in the Aphrodite Armed Forces, 2nd Armored Battalion. Captured at the Battle of Ford's Landing.
Staff Sergeant Emma "Ghost" Koenig- A commando for the Independent ground forces, first to use flare grenades against seekers. She was shot and captured in a raid behind Alliance lines.
Governor Charles Stewart- Pro-Independent politician, helped form Aphrodite's government after the Independents took control. Captured and charged with sedition and treason.