Firefly Board Game

So there's a really great board game for Firefly, not to be confused with the Serenity RPG or the upcoming Firefly RPG. They've got a FAQ page, but I've emailed them some questions, so I'm going to start posting information here.

FAQ & Clarifications

A Legal ship (no warrants, no wanted crew, no fugitives, no contraband) can fly through the Alliance Cruiser or Operative's Corvette sector and not be stopped. An Outlaw ship that is in the same sector is stopped immediately. An Outlaw ship may not fly through the sector with the Cruiser or Corvette. If you begin your next turn in the same sector with the Cruiser or Corvette, you may move normally, you are not stopped twice. If you move, and the Cruiser or Corvette moves into your sector again, then you are stopped. Legal Ships ignore encounters with them UNLESS you draw the Alliance Cruiser or Corvette Contact card while Full Burning. If you become an Outlaw ship while in the same sector as the Cruiser or Corvette, resolve contact immediately.

You may not Full Burn or Evade into a sector with a Reaver Ship. You may Mosey. But, if you begin your next turn with the Reaver ship, resolve contact before any Actions.

If you draw an encounter card while doing a full burn and you need to Evade, that ends your movement. Some cards require you to spend fuel to evade, some do not. But, if you begin your turn with a Reaver ship and spend a Fuel token to do a Crazy Ivan and Evade, that is before your movement starts and does not end your movement. Thanks Kevin! You do not draw a Nav Card when you evade into a sector, but you do resolve any Alert Tokens.

Drive Core cards are not Ship Upgrades. Cards that affect Ship Upgrades do not affect Drive Core cards. So you cannot lose your Drive Core card to the Scrapper Ambush Nav Card. You can not choose a Drive Core with the card that says "Choose one Ship Upgrade from a discard pile"

The back page of the rulebook says "No Gas = No Go. Run out of gas, you're driftin…" Does that mean you can't Mosey if you run out of fuel tokens?
The answer is No, you can always Mosey one space, even if you run out of fuel. The response I got was that the above quote is just "flavor text".

Some Captains (like Malcolm and Monty) have Moral flags. Can they do Immoral jobs?
The answer is Yes, and they get Disgruntled just like normal Moral crew do.

What does being Solid with Amnon Duul mean?
Okay, I have to reverse my opinion. According to the latest FAQ, you can use a Deal action and pick up as many Passengers and/or Fugitives as you want when docked at the Space Bazaar. You can use these people to replace Passengers or Fugitives who were eaten by Reavers or lost to the Alliance Cruiser and complete a Job.

This was an interesting question: When a crew member is killed, can it be the Captain?
Yes, but they just get Disgruntled instead of dying. That's an interesting tactic.

House Rules

It's a little beat up, but I'll give you 50%
You can sell gear and parts back at a Market planet for 50% of its value. Gear that you sell goes in the discard pile of its original source world.

Speeding things up
A big complaint is that you have to spend a lot of time at the beginning running around trying to hire crew and get gear so you can do some jobs, so we have some thoughts. Basically, we're looking at rules to start with a partial crew at the beginning like in the solo game. Here are some options:

Preset Crews
When you select a Captain, they come with some crew members immediately which you have to pay out of your starting 3,000 credits. I tried to select crews based on the show and to give everyone a balance.

Mal: Zoe (Soldier, $300), Wash (Pilot, $200), Bester (Mechanic, $100)
Corbin: Bree (Mechanic $200), Saffron (Grifter, Companion, $300), Scrapper (Pilot, $200)
Marco: Jayne (Merc, $300), Gun Hand (Merc, $100), Scrapper (Pilot, $200)
Womack: Skunk (Soldier, $200), Fendris (Soldier $200), Helmsman (Pilot, $200)
Burgess: Chari (Grifter, $200), Gun Hand (Merc, $100), Scrapper (Pilot $200)
Murphy: Cortland (Soldier/Mechanic, $300), Helmsman (Pilot, $200), Gun Hand (Merc, $100)
Sash: Jesse (Pilot, $200), Billy (Mechanic, $200), Gun Hand (Merc, $100)
Monty: Brigid (Grifter, Companion, $300), Scrapper (Pilot, $200), Gun Hand (Merc, $100)
Early: No crew. But can spend all of his starting money on Gear.
Nandi: Choose Helen (Grifter, $200), Emma (Grifter, $200) or Lucy (Grifter, $200), Scrapper (Pilot, $200), Gun Hand (Merc, $100)

New Captains
Zoe: Scrapper (Pilot $200), Kaylee (Mechanic $300), Gun Hand (Merc $100)
Wright: Scrapper (Pilot, $200), Gun Hand (Merc, $100), Enforcer (Merc, $200)

Preset crew issues: First off, there's a limited number of Scrapper Pilots, but that probably won't be an issue unless you have a huge number of players. Second, I made these decisions with a couple thoughts: roughly even cost ($600 for most) and trying to give everyone a Pilot, a Mechanic and a fighter of some kind. Also, Saffron and Brigid are in separate crews. If those two crews are taken, the two players roll to see who gets her. Discard the losing character and the losing player gets an extra Gun Hand or maybe one of the Prostitutes (Emma, Lucy, Helen, Chari) if they're not in play. Yolanda is still in the market planet decks and could be hired once game play begins…

Crew Draft
Instead of preset crews, you have a draft. The players can spend up to $1000 on three crew in three turns. In each turn, roll dice and let the players pick in order of highest to lowest. Since you re-roll each turn, everyone has a chance to be first choice in a turn.

Starting Equipment
Again, two choices: You can buy up to three pieces of Gear that is specific to your Captain and Crew (Jayne gets Vera, Nandi gets her Gun Collection, Burgess gets his Laser Pistol and Hoverjeep). If you buy less than three, you can buy other generic Gear of your choice but in reverse order of who chose their Captain first. Or, you can have a Gear Draft that works the same way as the crew draft.

Starting Ships
You can choose ships normally or go with the ship owned by your captain and crew:
Mal: Serenity
Sash: S.S. Walden
Monty: Bonnie Mae
Early: Interceptor
Zoe: Jetwash, but has to pay extra for upgrades

Other captains may choose an unclaimed Firefly or spend $700 to upgrade to Artful Dodger or $800 for the Esmeralda. If named ships above are not chosen, you can take the Interceptor for no extra cost or you can spend $800 to upgrade to S.S. Walden or $1000 for the Jetwash.

Story Ideas

Flight of the Glory

Silly Quotes
Raleigh had two of the whores from the Heart of Gold episode and Simon Tam:
"Two prostitutes and a gynecologist. This could work…"

Kevin had a crew of badasses: Mal, Jayne, Stitch, Crow and Two-Fry:
Emily "I feel like Kevin's crew is a group of second-string Fish players"

Emily had 5 Disgruntled crew members
Jim "You need prostitutes. Or shore leave. Or shore leave with prostitutes."
Kevin "That would be faster"

Emily, looking at her crew's skill totals:
"I can negotiate like a badass"

Kevin "I'm going to use (prostitute) Lucy to remove Disgruntled from Kaylee"
Jim "I'll be in my bunk"

Emily, achieving a goal "GGGgggoooaaalll…"

Emily bought the skyhook and remembered she already had a Pilot crew member to use it "I've got 99 problems, but a Pilot ain't one"

For awhile, I gave anyone who won a game a "superchip" to redeem in any game I run using Cortex. Current scores: JoAnne 1, Konrad 2 (redeemed 1), Raleigh 3 (redeemed 3), Michael 2 (redeemed 2), Ryan 1, Callum 1, Kevin 4 (redeemed 3), Lee 1 (redeemed 1), Emily 3 (redeemed 2)