Archibald's Contacts

Finx’s Contacts
“Bob Jones”
At first, simply a slightly shady shipping contact in Leedor on Persephone, “Bob” is a major figure in the Orbital Railroad, helping anti-Alliance dissidents escape to new lives on the Rim worlds. Asian, late 40’s. Short black hair, dresses in casual core world styles.

Greg Pelton
A member of the black market on GK Station between Georgia and Kalidasa systems. Greg is more of “arrangement maker”, putting people with cargoes together with shippers and taking a cut. Greg is short, but massively muscled. White male, mid 30’s. Short black hair and mustache.

John Aramis
John is a supply and logistics director for Alliance Prospecting Services in Harristown on Boros. He has jobs delivering supplies to prospectors and mining camps all over and sometimes for pickup of ore. Black male, late 50’s, short cropped hair with plenty of grey.

Jieh Moon
Jieh owns a freelance cargo and shipping brokerage service on Beaumonde. She knows Finx from Persephone and will steer him a deal when she can. She has good contacts with the shipping companies on Beaumonde. Asian, late 30’s, always wears business dress.

Jordan Foster
Jordan has been the Portmaster at the Tien-lung Skyplex above Persephone for years. He took a liking to a young boy who came to watch the ships dock everyday and talked to him about what it takes to move people and cargo across the Black. Jordan is the real boss of Tien-lung, nothing happens here without his okay and if he says something didn’t happen, you saw nothing… White male, tall and barrel chested, red hair mostly gone grey, mid 60’s.

Group Contacts
Marc Oberlindes is the current head of the family owned Oberlindes Shipping company based in Leedor on Persephone. Oberlindes has shipping and freight services in the core and border worlds. It’s not the largest, but it is strong and growing. They are currently in a rivalry with the larger and more established Tukera Lines. He is a connoisseur of fine wines. Marc is tall, very thin with black hair shot with some streaks of grey. White male, early 60’s but in excellent health.

Gustav & Lisa Fireau are the father and daughter owners of the Fireau et Fille vineyard on Harvest. They make some of the Verse’s most renowned wines, especially the rare Zila eiswine. Gustav is in his late 50’s and getting fat in his age, with dark hair and long mustache. Lisa is in her early 30’s, slender and beautiful with her late Arabic mother’s black hair and dark complexion.

Jane Sunli is a plantation owner on Constance and a major member of the Orbital Railroad. She receives refugees and gets them false papers and a new life. It’s a rough change for these core worlders, but better than death or an Alliance prison. She is always accompanied by her bodyguard Nick, a tall Hispanic man with a short beard and an impressive rifle. Jane is Asian, very slender and in her late 60’s and supposedly the ugliest woman on the planet. No one crosses the “Dragon Queen”.

Ching Fan is a prospecting coordinator for Alliance Prospecting Services on Regina. He manages a regional drop point in the hills of Regina, supervising prospectors and mineral surveys and handling supplies. He is Asian, in his late 40’s and very thin. Living in the dry back country seems to have wrung out of him every drop of water he could spare.

Magistrate Hofmeyer is the regional Alliance magistrate in Levittown on Zephyr, originally from Osiris. He owes his daughter Lisa’s life to the crew for rescuing her from kidnappers. He is a very honest and dedicated official, enforcing the law for the sake of the people. Tall and thin with short blonde hair. His right hand man is Lt. Quan, also from Osiris.

Reverend Black on Deadwood is the very model of a tough, weathered, frontier preacher. He dresses in a black duster and cowboy hat and carries a worn brown satchel on a strap over his shoulder.

Baron Von Alksburg is a major player in the Alliance Parliament. A native of Persephone, his family has a long and noble history. Von Alksburg opposed the War of Unification and is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. His current efforts are focused on improving living conditions on the Rim, rationalizing military spending (and reducing corruption) and regaining suffrage rights for former Independents.