Finders' Keepers

The Search Begins

After the events on Jiangyin (The Lost Village), the crew returns to New Melbourne to begin their search for the HMS Seeker. Using the flight records recovered from the Terraforming Commission's archives (Seek the Seeker), Howard plots a course for the Yellow Submarine, following what they feel is the most likely route that will lead to the ark. It's a long, dull three weeks in the Black with Sata and Howard taking turns watching the sensors. Nothing is found so the crew returns to New Melbourne, refuels and resupplies and heads out again to follow the previous course the survey team had taken.

We interrupt this broadcast…

Three days out, just as they are getting settled into the routine, all cortex channels are preempted for a special broadwave from an open session of parliament. Senator von Alksburg addresses parliament and the people of the Alliance and announces that the Miranda Broadwave was not a hoax. The reavers are real and 30 million colonists died as a result of illegal experiments. He accuses Blue Sun and Da Dong Fong corporations of being part of the conspiracy, as well as former and current members of Parliament and the Terraforming Commission. A popup window appears on the screen and he announces that clicking the tab will allow the viewers to download a synopsis of the evidence. He states that there is a special Judiciary committee investigating and that those responsible will be punished.
The crew of the Yellow Submarine are mostly jubilant; their efforts on Dante (Dante Reconnaisance) and Miranda (Secrets of Miranda) are paying off. As soon as the senator mentions Blue Sun corporation, Saxon Molyneux contacts his family and tells them to dump their stock of Blue Sun as soon as possible.
The crew opens a bottle of Zilan eiswine to celebrate, then settles down to the dull task of the deep space search. Over the following days, the news channels are full of stories of what officials are being indicted and a financial meltdown. Demonstrations and protests break out across the 'Verse, Core and Rim worlds alike. There is a motion introduced into Parliament to dissolve the Alliance, but it dies in discussion. They complete the second run with no results. During the trip, Lennon tells Sata that he is leaving the crew to go work for Admiral Sharpe and do his free clinics full time. He will leave a basic set of equipment in the medbay, but he begins packing his extra supplies. Returning to New Melbourne again, the crew discusses the possibility that the survey team found the ark on a much earlier, or maybe a later trip than they think. They decide after much debate to repeat the original search pattern, but flying a parallel pattern to their first pass and use Dear Prudence as well. Howard, Saxon and Wilks fly Dear Prudence, again no luck.

A change in course

The crew again debate their choices. They believed the survey team found the ark on their fourth run, but their searches turned up nothing on the fourth or third routes. Instead of repeating the third pattern again, they decide to try the second route. Sata and Howard begin planning their search pattern and realize there's a discrepancy. The third search pattern from the archive flight log varies from the normal pattern, but shows fuel burn as if the survey ship HAD followed the normal pattern. They decide to repeat the third pattern with ship and shuttle, and on the ninth day, Howard discovers something. The shuttle returns to the Yellow Submarine and they fly to the coordinates.

A piece of History

Following Howard's sensor readings leads to the discovery of the century; the lost ark HMS Seeker. She is drifting dead in space, no power or any signs of life. At some point she was struck by an object and severely damaged. They maneuver alongside and dock to an airlock. Jackson is able to puzzle out the airlock controls and they board the ship. All aboard is dead and quiet. Searching through her hallways, they find the dead, some from starvation or lack of oxygen, in other places its obvious there were riots and battles for control of resources. They find the bridge and are able to read some logs and diaries. The ship was struck by an asteroid or some other body deep in interstellar space. The damage and course change from the impact meant they would be unable to reach their destination in time. Fuel and resources dwindled until the last survivors died in deep space. The ship drifted into the Red Sun system and was caught in its gravity, drifting lost in the outer reaches of the system.
The crew begins pillaging the ship for souvenirs and items to prove their discovery. Lennon takes the commissioning plaque from the bridge. They also find the ship's cultural museum stores. Since the ship was from England, she was carrying historical artifacts from British museums. Among the items are a piece of Abbey Road and one of John Lennon's guitars.
With some goods from the ship, they decide it is time to head for home. But how to handle their discovery? They have a salvage license, but they can't move the ship, they will need to sell their rights. Saxon suggests that his family's institution, the Molyneux Foundation, will be able to handle it.

A cry in the night

On their way home, they pick up a distress call from the Alvin York, a former Xenophon troop transport converted to a settler ship. They have suffered a major power failure and need help to evacuate the 400 settlers on board. Howard responds and Sata orders the ship to assist. An Alliance vessel, the IAV Kite also responds, but the Yellow Submarine will arrive in less than four hours, the Kite will take at least six. The Yellow Submarine arrives and docks. Colonists begin moving over into her cargo bay, Sata, Lennon, Jackson and Lang go across to see if they can help, Saxon and Wilks take over directing the settlers into the ship and looking for wounded who need care. The ship is too far gone, her fusion plant is overloading and total failure is only a matter of time. A minor explosion on the hull hurls shrapnel into the Yellow Submarine, damaging her starboard thruster. Jackson returns to the ship and heads outside for emergency repairs. Sata and Lennon get what they believe are the last of the crew and wounded off the Alvin York and the ship undocks. As they do so, Howard receives a call from some of the ship's crew trapped in the aft engineering spaces. Sata decides to fly Dear Prudence on a rescue mission, but he leaves his laser pistol on the bridge before he goes. While the Osprey moves to a safe distance, Sata flies in, connects to the airlock and gets the last three survivors aboard. He undocks and signals that he is moving…the comm cuts out. The York's power plant lets go and the ship vaporizes, catching the shuttle in the blast wave. Sata is dead… (GM's note, this was secretly planned in advance with Raleigh, Sata's player) Howard calls Lennon to the bridge. Lennon is angry because it means an interruption in treating casualties, but he comes to the bridge. Howard informs him of Sata's death and that he is now captain. Lennon sits down in Sata's chair as he takes that in, then takes charge as he always does in an emergency. He makes an official addition to the ship's log and assumes command.

Picking up the pieces

The Kite arrives and takes half the survivors aboard and the two ships head for New Melbourne. Checking Sata's belongings, Howard finds a note to call Becky Barnes. Howard calls her and she answers, she is now obviously pregnant. Howard is shocked to realize that Sata has left a lover and unborn child behind. Howard breaks the news to her, Lennon contacts Sata's family. When they arrive at New Melbourne, they give Sata's effects to her, and then decide what to do. With Sata gone, Lennon feels they need to remember him. He proposes the Yellow Submarine be repaired, then returned to the spot on Hera in Serenity Valley where Sata picked up Lennon and the last evacuees of the 42nd for the Last Flight. The ship will become the center of a war museum.
Saxon has been in touch with his family, they are going to fund Lennon's idea for a travelling free clinic/hospital ship in Red Sun. Saxon will be the head of the new company, the Sata Fund, with Lennon as the chief medical officer. The salvage rights for the ark will be auctioned and the crew, including the late Sata, will receive 300,000 credits each. They decide to give half of Sata's share to Becky, part of the other half funds the founding of the museum/memorial, the rest is sent home to Sata's family.
On the day the museum opens, there is a huge crowd of former Independents, many wearing their Browncoats. The crew spots Admiral Sharpe and many of the crew of the Glory in cognito in the crowd. When the museum is opened and the former soldiers in the crowd salute, their salutes seem to mean the most.