Fenriz Nocturno

Neverwinter is a city build upon labor. The goods provided by the city is infamous throughout the Sword Coast, however every city has their secrets. Within Neverwinter lies Neverdeath the cities largest graveyard. This graveyard is the permanent home for many of Neverwinter’s most famous citizens. Within the graveyard are a set of crypt’s created by the Waterclock guild. These crypt’s are littered with traps, and spells to keep unwanted guests out. A large tomb lies within these ruins shaped similarly to the others in the area. Any person strolling through the graveyard would never notice any difference. However, on the tomb is a symbol, a dagger with blood dripping into an ornate chalice. This tomb is the entrance to Trolldom.

The Children of Bathory lend their services throughout all of Neverwinter. Their reach extends from burglary to espionage. One of the most popular of the children is Fenriz Nocturno. Fenriz grew up in Trolldom, the dank smell of tomb mold his favorite fragrance, and cobwebs his favorite type of décor. Fenriz has climbed the ranks to be the Lords of Neverwinter’s best resource. His father Hoest a shadow sorcerer is the current leader of the children. His mother Myrkur “The Black Gasp” was a half-elf assassin who was feared throughout all of Neverwinter. Fenriz may be a popular and respected rogue but his past forces him to live in despair everyday.

As a child Fenriz always wanted to be a spy. His upbringing was structured and filled with relentless abuse to train himself to be the best spy of the children, and hopefully to one day replace his father as the leader of the children. Fenriz trained daily suffering hundreds of lashing’s and cut’s from his father. Due to the scars created from his training Fenriz dresses clad in black trousers, boots, and tunics to hide his past.

Fenriz unfortunately did not inherit his father’s sorcerer abilities but he did learn some arcane like abilities. At 20 years of age Fenriz decided that he could begin his career in espionage. He hired himself out to one of Lords in Neverwinter. His job was simple; gather intel on a competitor that was traveling from Waterdeep to form a trade alliance. As Fenriz trailed the Waterdeep lord he was not aware that his mother was also hired to dispose of the Waterdeep merchant. Fenriz observed his mother moving in for the strike, only to realize that there was someone ready for his mother’s attack. She was caught, and loaded into a black carriage and whisked out of the city in an instant.

When word of his mother’s kidnapping reached his father Hoest was furious. A raven came to Trolldom bearing a simple, yet deadly message: “We have your wife, she is ours now”. At the end of the parchment was a blood tinged lock of black hair. Fenriz knew that he must travel to Waterdeep, to find his mother’s captors. Over the years Hoest never forgave Fenriz for not intervening and allowing his only love to be taken from him. He pushed Fenriz even harder in his training, and never allowed Fenriz to leave Neverwinter.

Now at age 27 Fenriz has heard rumor of a large sum of gold hidden within Waterdeep. The Lords of Neverwinter have banded together to pay the children a large sum in addition to a portion of gold is to be found. Fenriz jumped at this opportunity and pleaded Hoest to allow him to travel to Waterdeep. This was his opportunity to elevate his status as a master in espionage, as well as track down the captors of his mother.

Fenriz has gathered enough intelligence leading him to The Yawning Portal. He is determined and ready to redeem himself in the eyes of his father, and continue to have the reputation as the master of espionage in Neverwinter.

Fenriz Characteristics:

Fenriz is a pale half-elf with cobalt blue eyes, and loose long black hair. Standing at 5’9” he is dressed from head to toe in black, always in long-sleeves and black trousers. He wears lightweight black leather boots. Beneath his clothing lies hundreds of scars ranging to large size and small slices. On his chest lies a tattoo of a dagger bleeding into a chalice. The chalice is ornately decorated with ruins. He is a Rogue with a Spy (see criminal section in PH) background. He has the arcane trickster archetype.

Personality Trait:

I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy


I’m loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can take a trip down the styx for all I care (Neutral Good)


Something important was taken from me, and I aim to steal it back