Fei Long

Lanier Star Industries Fei Long (Flying Dragon) Class Transport
A 4,000 ton mixed passenger/cargo ship, popular with merchant lines for smaller routes that are mostly cargo with a few passengers. Deckplans.

4,000 tons
Agi d4 Str d6 Vit d8 Ale d6 Int d6 Wil d8
Pilot d6 Perception d6
Complexity: 38 High
Speed Class: 3 Hard Burn: 5
Fuel Supply: 800 hours at Speed Class 3
Crew quarters: 8 (20 tons each)
Passengers: 10 (20 tons each) and dining hall/lounge (70 tons)
2 20 Ton Shuttles
2 10 person lifeboats
Cargo: 2120
Cost: 194,000 cr + shuttles
Maintenance: 1,067 cr/month

2 Mechanics
2 Deckhands

(Updated 4/24/12. I went back and looked at my design and I can't figure how I got 1920 tons of cargo. So I added extra crew, passenger and cargo space. I also split the shuttle into 2 smaller ones and doubled the lifeboat capacity.)

A popular variant is the container transport which replaces the pressurized cargo bay with racks and grapples to carry 48 40 foot long standard shipping containers.