Fantasy Band Names

So Brittany shared a meme on Facebook of fantasy inspired band names and I had to do a pile on my own and Chmiel asked me to post it. The meme had:

Mage against the Machine
My Alchemical Romance
Spice Maidens
The Blues Brotherhood
Dungeons and Dragonforce
Crossbow bolt for my Valentine
Tom Petty and the Heartrenders

And I'm like "Ha! Is that all you got?" So…
Paladin Junkies
Joan Jett and the Black Dragons
The Deetwentyists
The Giant Beatles
They Might Be Hill Giants
Franz Froghemoth
The Cure Wounds
Smash Mace
Creedence Critical Hit Revival
Earth, Wind and Fireball
Tina Turnundead
Caravan Guard
Depeche Mage
Electric Lightning Bolt Orchestra
Led Zombie
Love and Rangers
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dungeon
Professor Fire Elemental
Queens of the Stone Axe
Stone Temple Pillagers
The Demihuman League
Five Finger Open Hand Attack
Death Cab for Cleric
Puddles' Player Character Party