Eye Of The All Father

(Note- Callum is away at college and Michael, Chmiel, MC and Matt couldn't make it. So the other three players took on Talak, Erza, Valfir and Astrid to run)

After further discussion with the giant Harshnag, the party returns to Everlund to use the Harpers' teleportation circle network to go to Mirabar and then go into the mountans to search for the temple of the Eye of the All Father. In order to get the giant out of Mirabar quietly, Astrid casts Invisibility on him. They leave their horses behind and load supplies into Valfir's Bag of Holding.
The first few days of travel are cold but quiet. While travelling through a canyon, they hear rocks trickle down from a ledge above. Valfir Shadow Steps and finds three goblins. He lays into them with sword and fist. As the party sounds the alarm, more goblins appear on a ledge on the opposite with two winged figures, gargoyles! The party attacks with missile weapons, Astrid Fireballs the second group. Gargoyles swoop down to attack and Skamos, Alaric, Talak, Sir Conlan and Erza go hane to hand, slaying the gargoyles. As the last one crumbles, its eyes glow blue and it threatens the party. Sir Conlan is unmoved and crushes the remains.
The party travels deeper into the mountains and comes to the Eye of the All Father. A bridge crosses a deep crevasse to the temples opening, the entrance is protected by a curved portico, the columns are carved to appear as giants holding up the roof. Two barbarians of the Grey Wyrm tribe guard the entrance. With Harshnag at his side, Sir Conlan parleys with them for safe passage and they appear to agree as long as the party is peaceful. They here a a screeching noise from inside and see a fire at a distance. The party enters the temple, passing down a massive hall, more than 60 feet wide and high. But once the party has entered, massive stone slabs begin to descend from the ceiling in front and behind them. Erza ducks backwards, out of the trap, but everyone else dashes forward. Erza is alone outside with the two barbarians, who attack her. She nimbly dodges away and plays a lethal game of keep away, ducking and dashing among the columns, appearing to strike one of the guards before dashing away. She poisons one to slow him down and eventually they retreat to rest while she watches them from the shadows.
Inside, The party faces a barbarian chief, a female shaman, more tribesmen and a small white dragonet, leashed by the chieftain. Threats are exchanged and the party attacks. Harshnag tries lifting the stone gates. Skamos casts Sleet Storm on the chieftain and his group and most of the party pummels the shaman with arrows and spells. The chieftain and his guards keep slipping in the ice, but finally manage to move forward. Two barbarians come out on balconies above the party and jump down to attack. Valfir stuns one barbarian and Talak rages in battle with another. Alaric hits the dragonet several times, then Astrid finishes it and the shamaness with Fireball. Alaric kills the chieftain and he and Sir Conlan cross blades with the lasts of the barbarians. Once the enemy is slain, Skamos rushes to heal Valfir who is barely conscious. Looking around the area, there are massive doors at the end of the hallway which the chieftain was examining. The balconies above give into corridors which lead to guard rooms with massive levers that control the mechanisms to raise the stone slabs.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The light switch in Lee's basement was flakey
Ramona <Lee's wife> "If you wiggle it, it turns on"
Jim "That's what she said"

Discussing the giant Harshnag's history as a mercenary for Waterdeep
Jim "He's the Brute Squad"

Campfire stories with Harshnag
Lee, as giant "You ever have sex with walrus? Tusks to grab on to, very robust"

Talking about the chance to meet orcs
Mike "We have a half orc; he probably knows them"

Trying to read Callum's writing on his character sheet, we thought we saw "Flying Cot" and "Disturbing Poutine"
Kevin "I want to ride into battle on my flying cot and rage"
Lee "And throw disturbing poutine at them"

The barbarian rages, but Kevin rolls a botch and loses the next attack
Jim "Premature axulation"
Kevin rolls again, another botch and a 3
Lee "Now we know why the barbarian never rages; he's a total spaz"
Mike "He's got rage anxiety"
Kevin and Mike had the worst die rolls, it seemed for a while that every 3 or 4 roll was a botch. For a couple of rounds, half their rolls were botches.

Kevin's cleric crushes a gargoyle with his warhammer
Lee "Hammer time"
Jim "I spent the whole battle trying not to say that."

The dead gargoyle's eyes glow blue as it delivers a warning of vengeance
Jim "I am not impressed; Tyr is with me"
Mike <slow golf clap>
Lee "All you hear are the snow crickets"

The entrance to the temple is across a long stone bridge
Kevin "We better not see a Balrog"

Mike's ranger extends his senses and detects something draconic nearby
Mike "Not myself, right?"
Lee <sings and rubs his nipples> "When I think about it, I sense myself"

The side rooms are lit by fires burning in wall sconces
Jim "I throw my name in the Goblet of Fire"

Lee is digging in his toy and miniature jar, looking for something special
Mike "Please be a tree, please be a tree"

The enemy has a baby white dragon
Kevin, to Mike "So this is your cousin?"

Lee is doing a Russian accent for the giant Harshnag and starts using it for the barbarians too
Jim "The barbarians are Russian too?"
Lee "I don't have another northern accent, I don't want them to sound like the Swedish Chef"
Jim "Canadian?"
Erza strikes the barbarians and dances away
Lee "Ouch! Come back here, you hoser!"
Jim "We're fighting Bob and Doug Mckenzie"

Harshnag is trying to lift the stone block sealing the passage and failing
Jim "We'll just have to get a new giant"