Expanse Small Arms

As mentioned, personal weapons in the Expanse are either conventional projectile firing weapons for use under gravity or recoilless designs for zero gravity and EVA. There do not appear to be any laser or railgun small arms or infantry heavy weapons. Belters' industry is focused on exports to Earth and Mars for supplies and maintaining their way of life (life support, suits, ships, etc). Many weapons used by belters are bought surplus from the Inner worlds or 3D printed from stolen, hacked or copied designs. Newtech x4 weapons are not railguns in this setting, just improved versions of standard and Newtech x2 weapons. Zero G rocket propelled weapons are Newtech x2.

Martian Ares Arms RP-13

Earther Beretta "Firecracker" SEMP-9

Assault Rifles
Generic Flechette Rifle
Earther SHK Raketengewehr-87
Martian Olympus Crafts AR-12

Heavy Weapons
Martian Thunderbolt Mark V Minigun

Generic Small Arms
Weapon Type Newtech Rating Damage Range RoF Magazine Cost Weight Availability
Automatic Pistol x2 d8W 75 3 20 36 2 C
Submachinegun x2 d8W 150 3/30 50 72 4 I
Assault Rifle x2 d10W 225 3/30 60 80 11 I
Automatic Pistol x4 d10W 100 3 40 72 2 C
Submachinegun x4 d10W 200 3/30 20 144 4 I
Assault Rifle x4 d12W 300 3/30 80 160 11 I