Traffic Controller- white female Unni Enger (Norwegian)- An average looking tall martian blonde in her early 20's. She works the approach control for the port on Phobos.

Performer- Hindi male Ranjit Bhatta- A handsome lounge singer on Eros, he has lots of connections in the nightclub circuit.

Asteroid miner- white male Oskar Adamec (Czech)- A belter rockjack working out of Helena Station in the trailing Jupiter Trojans.

Mechanic- white male Anthony Pellerin (Quebecois)- A martian mechanic, tall and bald, he works at the repair docks on Pallas.

Smuggler- hispanic female Valeria Rios de Souza (Brazilian)- Captain/owner of the Tornado, based out of Vesta.

Prostitute- Hindi female Zarmini Adrisi (Pashtun)- An extremely hot martian, she has worked hard to cover her Mariner Valley Texan accent, it only comes out when she's drunk or really excited. She knows a lot of people in the Ceres underworld.

Cargo Broker- Asian female Liao Zhenya (Chinese)- Belter fixer on Ceres, she's a good source of jobs for small ships, some of her jobs are borderline illegal and sometimes she has something totally illegal.

Fence- black male Kassa Bekele (Ethiopian)- A belter on Ceres, he can fence a lot of things and knows several suppliers as well.

Cop- white female belter Octavia Muss (Greek), Star Helix Security, Ceres. Yes, that officer Muss.

Ship supplier- asian male Kim Young-Min (Korean)- A belter from Pallas, he works in a ship supply store. He can often set you up for an under the counter discount if you've got something worthwhile to trade. He's particularly fond of any kind of alcohol from Earth.

Bartender- asian male Tanuma Nagaaki (Japanese)- An earther from Kyoto, Japan. He came up the well from Earth over 20 years ago and opened a bar on Vesta. He never talks about why, but he is missing his left pinky. Some say he's yakuza, others think he's an ex-cop.

Dockworker- hispanic male Ramon Cazalla (Spanish)- A belter shift leader at the Callisto port. If you need maintenance or resupply, he can often get your priority raised for an incentive.

Bouncer- white male Gabriel Burke (Australian) Eros- A big and blond former martian marine, he left the service under a cloud and drifted a little bit until he landed a job at one of the innumerable bars on Eros.

Navy Enlisted- White female Nina Mangini (Italian)- A martian navy Bosun, she was one of your instructors in Basic training.

Gov't bureaucrat- asian male Jett Acevedo (Filipino)- An earther working on Luna in the UN Ministry of Trade. He can find out all kinds of mundane information about Earth companies' off planet assets. Sometimes he has some deep down dirt on them as well.

Customs officer- hispanic female Lorena Fonseca (Portugese)- Lorena is a martian who went into space working for a company who runs Vesta's port. She won't help you smuggle, but any legal favor she can do for a friend to ease the red tape, she's willing to do.

Freighter officer- black female Hira Tahliil Salaad (Somali)- Navigator on a Pallas based belter bulk freighter hauling all kinds of raw materials across the system.

Crime boss- black female Nomusa Mbele (Zimbabwe)- An attractive Earther in her early 40's, she runs a lucrative syndicate on Luna. She often needs shipments carried "discretely" to other ports.

Corporate suit- arabic female Golsa Manesh (Persian)- An earther rep for the Al Abbiq security company, she has an office on the Gibraltar transfer station at Jupiter's L1 point.

OPA Agent- Hindi female belter Naseem Kalwar (Pakistani)- A belter living on Ganymede, she is one of the major OPA contacts in the Jovian moons.

Naval officer- asian female Lieutenant Nisa Sudham (Thai)- A member of the UN Navy, junior officer on a Munroe class destroyer patrolling the Belt. She was a classmate at the Academy.