Exotics and Supernatural Beings

Konrad's Lizard man Geck
Agility d10, Strength d8, Vitality d8 Intelligence d6 Alertness d10 Willpower d8
Perception d6/Hunting d8, Athletics d6/Run d10/Dodge d8/Climb d8, Unarmed Combat d6/Claws d10, Linguistics d6/English d8, Survival d6/Jungle d8, Ranged Weapons d6/Spear d8, Covert d6/Stealth d10
Natural Armor (minor) W1S1, Sharp sense: smell (minor), Lightning Reflexes (Major), Claws: d4W damage (Major),
Coldblooded (minor), Monstrous Appearance (-6), Nonhuman Biology (minor), Primitive (minor)

Other possible assets: Superior Balance (minor)
Other possible complications: Disgusting habit- live or raw food (Major), Speech Impediment (minor to Major)

Agility d12, Strength d10, Vitality d10 Intelligence d8 Alertness d10 Willpower d10
Perception d6/Sense Supernatural d8/Find Spirit d10, Melee d6/Swords d10/Spear d8, Athletics d6/Dodge d10/Run d8/Fly d10, Animal Handling d6/Horses d8
Angelic Wings d8, Fightin' Type (M), Shapeshifter (m), Allure (m), Cold Resistant (M)
True Form (M), Primitive (m), Spirit vulnerabilities (M), Credo- Honor (m)
Angelic Wings include Fast and Bring Another with You. The Valkyrie has actual wings in her natural form and can fly as well. Find Spirit, Flight and Angelic Wings are only usable in her True Form. Cold Resistance means she can ignore cold weather down to -100 F. Find Spirit allows her to find the spirit of a recently deceased.

Emily's clockwork homunculous Algren
Agility d6 Strength d8 Vitality d8 Alertness d8 Intelligence d12 Willpower d8
Perception d6, Knowledge d6/Science d8/History d8/Literature d8/Geography d8, Lore d6/Mythology d8/Occult d8/Magic d8, 
Mechanical d6/Mechanical Repair d10, Athletics d4, Guns d6, Influence d6, Perform d6/Lecture d8
Special Ability
Animate Machinery d10
Total Recall (M), Mechanical Empathy (m), Armor-W1S1 (m), Walking Timepiece (m)
Unliving (-8), Unhealing (-6), Unusual Appearance (m), Curious (m), Out of Place (m)
The Knowledge and Lore skills may seem low, but Total Recall gives a 2 step bonus, so they all become d12 
Animate Machinery is a magical ability to cause machines to work, even if broken. A car will run with a flat tire or out of gas, etc. Devices like guns could fire or jam, flip safeties, eject magazines. Doors could lock or unlock. Large or complex machines would require higher rolls. Works on biological "mechanical" processes as well, hearts can be forced to pump, lungs to breath, or stop…A dead or unconscious body might be made to walk. Forty foot range. On a botch, the subject could take damage instead.
Unliving- You feel no pain, but once you are at zero life points you "die" and do not recover until repaired and possibly reanimated. Maybe something silly like a jump start from a car or some source of magical energy. As a benefit, you do not eat or breathe.
Unhealing- You cannot heal normally. Wound damage must be repaired by a Mechanical Repair roll. You can work on yourself. Stun points can be recovered by Vitality roll or going to "sleep".
Unusual Appearance- From a distance, you may appear human, but up close, it is obvious you are not. This may cause negative reactions such as fear or aggression.
Out of Place- You speak with a Victorian accent and a slightly artificial tone, like listening to a recording.

Strength d2 Agility d12 Vitality d2 Intelligence d6 Alertness d10 Willpower d10
Athletics d6/Dodge d10/Fly d10, Perception d6/Detect Supernatural d10/Shadow d8, Melee d6/Sword d10, Ranged weapons d6/Bow d10, Covert d6/Stealth d10
Small Size (6), Flight (M), Angelic Wings d6, Invisibility d10, Jinx d8
Spirit Vulnerabilities (M), Primitive (m), Flight (M), Unnatural Appearance (M) Phobia: cats (m)
Small size is a three step penalty to be hit, spotted, etc.
Angelic Wings at d6 gives Teleport anywhere quickly.
Invisibility is Will power plus Invisibility vs observer's Alertness plus Perception/Detect Supernatural to be detected. One stun point to activate.
Jinx is Willpower plus Jinx versus Willpower plus magical defenses. Failure means victim has Things Don't go Smooth (m) for next action. For every 4 points of success, effect lasts an extra action. If defender botches, the effect is Major.