Blue Sun Covert Action transport

2000 tons
Str d6 Agi d8 Vit d8 Int d10 Ale d10 Wil d8
Speed Class: 8 Hard Burn: 12
Fuel: 495 hours at SC8
Crew: 6
Troops: 30
Cargo: 40
Gear: 20 ton short range shuttle, 50 ton Dropship, 30 tons for weapons.
Fast Throttle (M)
Covert (M)
Fuel Efficient (m)
Complexity: Extreme (60)
Price: 720,480, plus Dropship and weapons.
Maintenance: 900cr/month

The Blue Sun Covert Action Transport is built with the same exterior appearance of the Type J medium Freighter. The C.A.T. is used to transport black ops teams around the 'Verse, to wherever Blue Sun corporate interests may be threatened. They are sometimes used as priority or VIP transports.