Juan Carlos Escobedo

Juan Carlos Escobedo (Played by Mike)

Juan was born as the second son of Carlos and Elicia Escobedo on May 22, 1861. His father holds the title of Marqués de Santillana. Juan was privately tutored in subjects like politics, Catholicism, fencing, etc. Being related to King Alfonso XII of Spain, he had attended the King's second wedding in 1879 before his enlisting in the Spanish Army. Juan was 18 at the time and it inspired him to become more appreciative of royalty's role in the stability of Spain. The King, only 22 at the time, took a liking to Juan and from then on they became "pen pals". Juan went on to join the Spanish Army and worked his way to the rank of Capitan a few years after serving briefly in the Little War. At the age of 24 his father told him there was an opportunity to do "great things for our family and our country." (See Juan's Secret) From then on he went to the United States, then Great Britain, and presently Mars. Here he goes about his duties and accompanies British Professor Nigel Reddington the Third as his assistant. [Although the true employment is opposite.]

Juan's Contacts