Escape from Mos Shuuta


Jim- Male Human Explorer Max
Kevin- Male Wookie gladiator Lowhhrick
Lee- Male Human Smuggler "Crash"
Mike- Female Twi'lek Bounty Hunter Oskara

The player characters are a group of adventurers who are stuck working for Teemo the Hutt in Mos Shuuta on Tatooine. After planning together, they get a chance to make a break for it and leave Teemo's palace together. Pursued by Teemo's Gamorrean guards, they take shelter in the local cantina, hiding in various spots. When the Gamorreans enter, the group ambushes them and kills the guards. The Devaronian bartender sarcastically applauds them and tells them one of Teemo's allies has a small freighter at one of the town's two landing bays, waiting on parts for a repair. But, if they can get the part and fix the ship, they can steal it and get out of town. The group thanks him for the advice and heads to the local junkyard to see if they can get the part.
Arriving at the junkyard, they begin to bargain with the scrapyard's owner, an old human named Vorn. He has the part they need, but he has already sold it to another customer The party realizes its probably already been bought by Trex, the Trandoshan captain of the Krayt Fang. But his ship is locked down by the space port control, so he hasn't come by for it yet. Having issues negotiating with Vorn, Oskara draws her blaster and blows Vorn away. They loot some cash and stimpacks and release Vorn's old R5 droid.
Next stop is the space port control center. Battle droids guard the entrance, but Crash talks their way past, claiming to be members of Trex's crew. Inside is a group of technicians and a human supervisor speaking on the com to an approaching ship; it's an Imperial shuttle landing at the opposite side of town. Crash again tries to spin a tale that they are Trex's representatives, but the supervisor is harder to convince and she touches a button on her wrist com. Crash grabs her and puts a gun to her head, Oskara shoots her in the leg as an intimidation tactic, but kills her. As the technicians stampede out, Lowhhrick snags one. Max sets the tech down at a console and tells him to release the ship's lockdown. The tech complies and Max gives them 100 credits and tells the tech to get out and not tell anyone what he did. The party flees out the back door and heads for the landing bay. As they approach the landing bay, they are hailed by a group of stormtroopers and try to flee. They end up exchanging fire with the troops, then another group of stormtroopers comes the other way and cuts off their retreat. The group takes cover and shoots it out with the two groups of stormtroopers, eventually dropping them all.
The party rushes to the landing bay and finds Trex's ship, an old Corellian YT-1300. Stopping in the landing bay's control room, they can see four battledroids around the ship and Trex should be alone on the ship. One of the droids leaves on an errand and the party approaches the two guarding the cargo ramp. Crash again confuses the simple droids and they summon Trex. Trex is also confused when Crash says they're here to repair the ship, since he didn't pay for the part yet. Crash and Oskara say Teemo sent them to help him. Trex lets them onboard, since he is trying to figure out how he can capture Lowhhrick, since he hates wookies. Crash shuts the boarding ramp and Lowhhrick attacks and kills Trex. Crash goes to start the ship, Oksara and Max head to install the part and Lowhhrick heads for a gun turret. Stormtroopers come in and start to set up an E-WEB as they prepare to lift off. The ship can fly without the main reactor, so they lift off with Lowhhrick scattering the troopers with blaster fire.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
We had dill pickle chips and dill pickle dip
Jim "It's dill on dill"
Lee "It's dill-ception"

Reading the opening crawl, their goal is to steal a ship from the Trandoshan captain Trex
Jim "T-rex? The captain is a lizard man named T-rex?"

Discussing equipment and medical supplies
Lee "Rule #1: Do you have any stimpacks?"
Mike and Lee "Rule #2: Don't touch my stimpacks"

The cantina has a Twi'lek dancer
Lee "You know her"
Mike "It's my sister"
Jim "Mom?!?"

The characters are escaping the revenge of the local Hutt, Teemo
Kevin "Teemo's Revenge? Sounds like an Atari game"

Lee's character is from Alderaan
Jim "You can never go home again…"

Listening to Lee's over-complicated back story
Kevin "Don't over think it"

Discussing what you can do in combat, actions versus maneuvers
Emily "You have maneuvers.."
Lee "More of a gesture"
Emily "You can gesture for free"

Mike's character scares an NPC
Mike "He shits his space Depends"
Emily "Spepends"

Heading to the spaceport control building
Jim "There might be a slight weapons malfunction"
Lee "It won't be a malfunction"
Jim “Or slight"

The team is slaying their way through the adventure
Emily "I didn't want you to be murder homos, I mean hobos"
Lee<drag queen voice> "I am so going to cap this bitch"
Mike "Remember when I told you this would get weird?"
Emily "This is just violent; John Woo would be upset"

Looking at a picture of a Katarn
Emily "Looks kind of platypus-sy"
Mike "Sounds like the next Bang Bus"
Jim "Bang Bus 36: Platypussy"