Pilot- Lee
Engineer- Tom
Computer Tech- John
Ground Officer- Chris
Ground Troop- Michael
Ship's Medic- Jahn

The characters are the crew of Princess Leia's transport, imprisoned on the Death Star as well. A power surge in the consoles Han shot up lets them escape and they had to sneak through the Death Star and escape before it blows up. They found a hangar bay and started a shuttle…just as the Death Star went into hyperspace. They had to go back into hiding and eventually stole a shuttle and escaped during the Battle of Yavin.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The characters were searching a maintenance store room
Lee "We're looking for a wet floor sign and mops"

Lee "The Imperial March plays in all the elevators"

Jim asks Chris to make a Perception roll and he got multiple re-rolls.
Chris "31"
Jim "Unfortunately, that was just to find the survival rations in your belt"
Lee "I can see through time"