Eroe Wallbreaker

Eroe (rhymes with "Hero") Wallbreaker
Real name: Keith Dranton
Deity: none
Formal training: none, informal through soldiers and local fighters
Strengths: Strength, Constitution, Kindhearted.
Weaknesses: Intelligence, Drinking, Stubborn.
Appearance: Bald, 5’10, 220lbs.
Background: Born to two humble traveling merchants, Robert and Sarah, Keith grew up a rather small and below average child. Raised with minor health concerns from a young age, Keith lived a rather sheltered life. He spent most of his time in the family's clothing cart. Part of a small caravan of humans who traveled from town to town selling wares, the Dranton family lived a modest life. While they never really had extra for themselves, they always had enough. Due to Keith's asthma, he had difficulty playing with the other kids in the caravan. He was, however, gifted with the needle and duster. Most of his time was spent cleaning the cart and sewing new clothes to sell in the next town. While his parents asked a lot of him in terms of work, they cared strongly for their son, and tried every opportunity they could to find a cure for his asthma so he could live as a normal kid. One day, while stopped in a small elven town, the parents came into contact with a potion brewer who claimed to have their cure. He asked for no money, but rather for the most beautiful scarf they had. At this time, the family did not have any material to meet such a lofty request, but they knew this might be their best chance at a cure. They promised to return in two days with the most brilliant scarf the brewer had ever seen. He accepted their proposal, and the parents left to begin their arduous task.
For two long days the three sat in their small cart creating this masterpiece. Using only the finest and most vibrant cloth they had, they carefully sewed a scarf to rival that of queens. Using new and more intricate patterns, the family produced what could only be described as a work of pure artistic brilliance. Upon completion, the parents brought young Keith to the Brewer and presented to him their work. The brewer, stunned at what they had produced, lit up with excitement as he donned his new scarf. As promised, he produced a healing elixir for the young lad. After returning home to the cart, Keith drank the elixir. At first, nothing happened. After a few minutes, Keith became uncomfortably hot. After removing all of his clothes, his parents were shocked to discover that Keith’s veins had begun to glow brightly through his pale skin. In a panic, Robert ran through town to the brewer's shop, but found no stand upon reaching it. He had tricked them, leaving only a small parchment on the ground with a strange symbol. Robert took the parchment and ran back. By this time, the village doctor had arrived and examined Keith's body. He had deduced that the potion contained a rather potent necromantic magic. He believed that the potion alone was to the desired effect the family sought, but that this magic, if left unchecked, it would tear his body apart. Over the next two weeks, the doctor and clerics worked to dispel the magic. After much pain and hardship, Keith was saved. As a side effect of the magic, Keith’s veins showed in black through his skin permanently. Horrified at his body and the shopkeeper’s betrayal, Keith spent the next few years in the cart, silently lifting and strengthening his body while helping his family keep up business. Ten years later, Keith left his family for a stable job as a blacksmith's apprentice.
After two years of stationary life, the village Keith lived in was attacked by a pack of orcs. Houses crumbled, barns burned, families ran, children screamed. Just as one of the orcs was reaching for a small girl who had tripped in the road, a bright flash blinded Keith. When he opened his eyes, the orc's arms were on the ground and the orc was screaming in pain. One after another the rest of the orcs fell to the same fate. For a while after the fight, the town fell silent. One figure began to slowly exit the town by the main road. As they reached the edge of the surrounding forest, a few small children and their families rushed forth to praise the hero, asking his name and what he wished for a reward. The figure turned slowly and responded, in a low but soft tone, “never hurts to help”. With that, their savior left. Keith, awestruck by the power of this singular warrior, decided to take up the wandering hero's life himself. He spent the next five years working with local fighters and soldiers to develop his fighting prowess. He learned how to fight with heavy melee weapons, bows, daggers, and darts. With the money he saved from his years of work, Keith left the village to begin his heroic life.
At first, he had a rough time in fights. Spiders, slimes and rabbits plagued his every minute. After a few months of adventuring, he became more confident in his fighting ability. As his confidence rose, so did his enemies' strength. Following one particular encounter in a small dwarven village, a five-year-old dwarf began to call to him as “eroe, eroe.” Growing fond of the call, Keith decided to take up the adventuring name Eroe Wallbreaker.