With the Yellow Submarine now a museum piece, the crew goes onto their new lives. Wilks hires a team of assistants and becomes a full time professional Fish player. Jackson creates a starship design company. Their first creation will be the hospital ship for Lennon and Saxon's Sata Fund free clinics and medical services serving the Rim. Howard returns to Ariel, but after a few months, he gets the itch to leave again and applies to Lennon as captain and chief pilot for their first hospital ship. Howard still has Sata's laser pistol, he will hold on to it until his son is old enough (GM's note-Yes, that's a total Ben Kenobi ripoff, but it was perfect when it came up in the game). Lennon proposes to Liz, but she turns him down because it means leaving Zephyr. But they are still lovers.
With the turmoil in the Parliament, Senator Von Alksburg is able to win a place on the Executive Council, hopefully he will be able to make a difference in the future.

The Future

We are going to spin off Lennon's idea for a travelling hospital ship into some one shot adventures in a loose campaign idea. The player characters will become important NPCs in this setting.