Entering Undermountain

(Note- This is part of the Dungeons of the Mad Mage campaign book)

After clearing the Kolat Towers, the party needs to deal with the results. They let the city authorities know, who move to take control of the towers. Both the Blackstaff and Open Lord Laeral Silverhand bid for Manshoon's spellbook, the party accepts the Blackstaff's offer, which includes full membership in Force Grey and a couple of magic items. With his father's murder avenged, Valder decides to head home. He gives up his share in the inn and the last treasure from Manshoon and leaves town. Tetsuo makes a trip to Kara-Tur to deliver the sample of the medicinal plant from the Feywild that can help fight the plague in his homeland, but he plans to return. The party trains and considers their next move. They are contacted by a new adventurer, Virion Aldavathar, he was referred to them through the church of Torm and the Grey Hands (Jim's new character).
Once Tetsuo returns, they decide to move ahead. Fenriz is still seeking his mother and the party had heard she might be in somewhere in Undermountain. They begin questioning people they know, like Mirt and Durnan, about their experiences in Undermountain as young adventurers. While questioning Durnan at the Yawning Portal, they encounter Volo, who tells them tales of the mad wizard Halaster who built the tower above the entrance to the dungeons that the Yawning Portal stands on today.
Having gained little real information, they descend into the tunnels. In the room at the base of the shaft leading into the maze, Tetsuo uses his Wand of Secrets to find a secret door. The party moves through it into the tunnels and encounters a group of strange figures in tattered robes, possibly undead. They offer safe passage for a bribe of 100 gold and Tetsuo agrees while the party is considering. The strangers are slightly taken aback by the easy agreement and escort the party through their territory. Moving down the corridors, they take a descending passage with many turns. It leads to a large chamber with a sea monster statue holding a box. The domed ceiling may be filled with a sizzling fluid that floats above in defiance of gravity. But when they enter, the fluid falls, it's acid! They run through the flood which fills the sloping passageway. Harker grabs Fenriz and uses his Cape of the Mountebank to teleport them to safety. Edgar casts Fly and floats above the acid. He flies back to the box and opens it to discover a dried up heart. When he touches it, it speaks to him. At first it seems to be giving clues, but the more Edgar talks to it, the more random the answers seem.
Virion heals the party and they move deeper into the dungeon. They come to a large chamber and encounter a manticore, which begins asking what seems to be a series of trivia questions. But two more manticores are trying to sneak up and flank the party. The manticores attack and the party retaliates, it is a serious battle, but the adventurers kill the manticores.
Afterwards, the party considers resting, but decides to press on and find a more defensible spot to rest. One door from the manticores' den has a dead basilisk in the next room. Concerned it's an undead monster, the party goes another way and goes down a passageway and encounters a troll in a room at the end of the passageway. The party slays the troll and finds some treasure, then heads the other way down the passage. They find a series of feasting halls and take a long rest in one. Moving on they find a dead dwarf up against a wall that radiates magic, perhaps a secret door. Virion gently moves the remains aside and says a prayer over it. But Edgar casts Animate Dead on the dwarf and uses the resulting zombie to open the secret door. Virion is offended and uses Turn Undead and returns the body to normal death. Moving through the passage, they come out in another section and see a humongous rat, which they assume to be a wererat and attack immediately. The wererat tuns back to human form and surrenders. They convince thewererat to lead them to Skullport, but she tries to trick them by leading the party to a group of ererats' hideout. The wererats attack the party, but they are much too strong, Edgar's Hunger of Hadar* spell in particular is devastatingly effective. After the rest of the lycanthropes are slain, their guide agrees to take them the rest of the way to Skullport.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about opening the inn for business or keeping it private
Chmiel "We might torture people in the basement"
Jim "We've done that"
Kevin "Poorly"

Coming up with names for a ship they were offered, it would be full of seamen…
Mike "The Fallopian tube"
Lee "The Vas Deferens"
Chmiel "There's a vas deferens between those two…"

Chmiel's character is a samurai, but obviously his country in Forgotten Realms has a fantasy name, Kara-Tur
Chmiel "Japanistan"

Two vials recovered had poison, Essence of Ether
Chmiel "Old lady sweat"
Jim "It's not Essence of Ethel"
Chmiel "Just a jar of dust"
Lee <sings> "All we are is dust in a jar"

The city of Waterdeep is built on old dwarven mines, which were built on an older elven city
Kevin "Nothing good comes of that"
The dwarven mines were played out and abandoned
Kevin "They dug too deep"

The party meets Volo again, Chmiel says Tetsuo is giving him a "squinty eye"
Mike "Your character is Asian, aren't his eyes always squinty?"
Jim "Regular squinty or Clint Eastwood?"
Chmiel "Crint Eastwoo"

Discussing legends of the evil wizards in the dungeons
Lee "He became a half lich, or as we like to say, a hich"

Patrons in the Yawning Tavern have a dead pool, and wanted to know the party's name. We settled on "Destined for Demise"

Strange undead creatures demand a bribe to pass through
Callum "Seriously? You have to pay a cover charge to get in?"
Chmiel "It will be a great show, it's totally underground"

Edgar finds a dried up heart
Jim “The Heart of Vecna
The Heart answers questions
Jim “And then the chicken heart began to grow…”

A manticore quizzes the party
Chmiel "It's D&D Jeopardy"

(Brittany sat in and ran Callum's necromancer)
Discussing taking body parts from the manticores
Chmiel "Pickled manticore testicles are great"
Brittany "Great for gravy"

Avoiding the rotting basilisk corpse for fear it's undead
MC "This is just like Harry Potter!"
Jim "We decide not to investigate the basi-lich"

An air elemental attacks the party
Chmiel "My opponent is going to feel a little winded"

Callum's bad handwriting is legendary, Brittany was trying to read his spell sheet
Brittany "What is Snuggling Grasp?"
Jim "Does he have Charm Person?"
Lee "He has Churn Kumquat"
Looking at Callum's sheet after the game, Jim saw he had an "herbalism kilt". Lee replied it was a kilt you can keep your weed in.

Brittany cast Hunger of Hadar, and most people didn't know what the spell did
Jim "It opens a portal to Cthulhu's bedroom and his tentacles come through and attack people"