Enter The Tomb

After escaping from the yuan-ti stronghold, the party travels to last temple. Before the entrance is an obelisk with an inscription:


Iakin scouts the entrance and finds three passages. One ends in a door with nine openings that will take the puzzle cubes in three rows of three. The second passage is the same, but there is a lever by the door. The last passage has alcoves with trickster gods down the sides with cauldrons before them. Skulls are inset in the walls around the doors. Aria uses Speak with Dead and gets a few clues from the skulls, but they're not very helpful. Going near the statues with the puzzles cubes cause the cauldrons to light with fire. At the end of the hall is a concealed alcove of the snail trickster god with an amulet around its neck. Remoro takes the amulet and puts it on. It drags him to the first passage. Korinn suggest the obelisk riddle means to insert the puzzle cubes in the door with the snail in the center and the others in opposing pairs based on the positions of the statues. Aria takes the cubes, arranges the pattern and inserts them and the door opens. Kiistnoa and Iakin begin moving down the passage whose walls are covered with vines. A short distance away is another door with a stone skull carved in the wall and a lever. When the party approaches, a hand emerges with an hourglass which it turns over. The hourglass will run out in seconds, so Iakin pulls the lever. The hand retracts and the floor opens, dropping some of the party into a pit with poisoned spikes. The victims are pulled up and healed. The hand and hourglass re-emerge, but the party does nothing and the door opens. The party moves into the next section of corridor and the door closes behind them. There are pressure plates in the floor that shoot poison darts. At the end, passage goes left and right in a T junction. On the wall opposite the passage is a stone bas-relief of a bearded devil. It's mouth is open, but is filled with total darkness. To the left, the passage goes past a grate in the floor with running water below and ends in a door. To the right is a large staircase descending into darkness, there are a couple of passages exiting from this level. Across the way is a strange humanoid wearing a devil's mask, it disappears immediately. The party falls back to the last door to make camp and take a rest.
After resting, the adventurers explore the passages off the stairwell. One leads to door in the shape of a open mouthed stone skull with candles in the eye sockets. When they try to pass through, the mouth slams shut with massive force after couple people pass, Tamaran summons animal spirits to fool the trap. They move onto explore and come to a room with many holes in the walls, a stone sarcophagus with a snake emblem and a skull in a glass box. A voice like a young girl's speaks to them telepathically and they assume it is the "doomed child" from the inscription. The skull levitates and summons undead spiders from the holes in the walls. Talya calls upon her god and destroys the zombie spiders, the party fights and destroys the skull. Opening the casket, they find a staff. When Therhana touches it, a voice speaks to her and she drops it. Kiistnoa takes it and seems to be undisturbed and tucks it under his pack. The party heads back to the stairwell to try another passage and are attacked by a wight which leaps down on them from above. But it is alone and the party slays it.
They head down a passage and find a chamber with a metal statueof a knight, bits of rusted metal litter the floor. When they get close, Nanoc's axe is pulled from his hands and disintegrates when it strikes the statue. They move around the perimeter of the room, one passage leads to a room with fountain, they decide to avoid the fountain and head the other way. Iakin passes Nanoc his Flametongue sword.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about someone else's Ravenloft game, one of the player characters was a German Van Helsing type who referred to a vampiress as a "Bitch of the Devil"
Jim "Bang Bus 31: Bitch of the Devil"
Later, Alicia asks Scott (who is not a Harry Potter fan) to identify a Harry Potter book by the scene on the glass she is holding
Scott M "Harry Potter and the Bitch of the Devil"
MC "That's the book where Harry gets divorced"

Bonnie's ranger is looking for tracks and identifies different humanoids: humans, elves, dwarves
MC "How does she tell the different footprints apart?"
Scott B "Elves wear boat shoes"

At one point MC brought up brought up The Emperor's New Groove Disney movie. Then we found a lever.
MC "What happens if we pull it?"
Mike "The Emperor's New Groove"
Jim "We turn into llamas"
Bonnie "Not the worst result"
Alicia "Considering death is possible"

Playing with the puzzle cubes
Bonnie "This is Jumanji; Jumanji is coming"
Mike "The funny one or the serious one?"
Bonnie "The only one that matters!"

Approaching the statues of the trickster gods causes the cauldrons in front of them to fill with fire
MC "Let's light all of the cauldrons"
Bonnie, whispering fearfully "But Jumanji is coming…"

A locked door bars the way
Scott B "Does anyone speak Parseltongue?"

Kiistnoa and Iakin are scouting ahead
Mike "As you fall in behind Scott, you hear a click"
Bonnie "And he farts"