Emily is the "Queen of the Backstory", she is new to tabletop RPGs, but was the creator and administrator of a web based X-Men RPG site which she ran for several years. She started playing in my group with Dr. Lennon with our Serenity "The Yellow Submarine" Campaign, and then played the priest/doctor Father Lars and adventuress Hestia Entwistle in our Serenity/Space:1889 campaign. She recently played the clockwork homunculus Algren in our Hellboy/BPRD games and Ruan Weir, a government programmed assassin in the Serenity campaign ''Lost Sheep". Emily wrote a great deal of campaign back story for our Serenity games.
She played the tiefling sorcerer Iados in Lee's D&D 5E campaign Lost Mines of Phandelver and then the satyr bard Foxy Shazam Superstar.

She has also played Classic Traveller in one of my delves and Raleigh's "Suffer thee a Kobold" 4th edition D&D game. She enjoys board and card games such as Dominion, Magic, Settlers of Cataan, Pandemic, Small World, Gloom, Munchkin and Cards against Humanity with her husband Kevin.

Emily is rumored to be a time traveler or immortal; she has a degree in music with a minor in IT, worked at Microsoft, flipped houses, was a part time snowboarding instructor, became a veterinarian, plays guitar, is a skilled sketch artist, antique Vespa aficionado, cosplayer, seamstress, and amateur bartender specializing in Prohibition era cocktails.

Assorted Quotes
"We transferred him to Jesus."
"I am like the world's worst 40 year old woman"
Watching a game of Axis & Allies: "Spin the Wheel of Weapons"
Coming up with names for the diseases in Pandemic: "It's Osama bin Coli"
Konrad was talking about he didn't have a smartphone anymore after an 'accident' "
Emily "You took an arrow to the smartphone?"
Explaining the rules of the game Love Letter
"The goal of the game, at the end, is to win" (mass laughter follows).
Emily is looking at cards in Exploding Kittens
Emily "Its a big, fat, Adderall… adorable…"
We were playing King of Tokyo, and Kevin and Emily had the two city spots
Emily "We're a married couple; we stand together"
Someone rolled damage and hit them
Kevin "I'm out"
About learning to play the violin
"It's like playing the bass, but smaller"

Joined 10/3/09