Egg Hunt

Emily Corellian pilot J'osswhedon
Mike Rebel Agent Otto Farani
Michael Cathar Bounty Hunter Jado Vandar
Kevin Saurin Soldier Pekt
Matt Zabrak Scout Jurkedo Gradlay
NPC Corellian Engineer Tala "Damnit" Horne

The crew of the Rebel transport MF Windu has been sent to Tatooine to deliver two Rebel agents to Mos Espa. When they come out of hyperspace, captain J'osswhedon detects a large warship in orbit, probably an Imperial picket ship. She plots a course to take them down while staying below their sensor horizon. But while on approach, power fails to the repulsorlift system. She tries to keep the ship on a glide while Tala tries to route emergency power to the repulsorlift. She succeeds and they make a rough landing and one of their passengers and Jurkedo are bounced around in the landing. The senior passenger makes a comment about how they were supposed to land "discreetly". The captain protests that that's the kind of landing to expect from a tramp, no one will suspect they're Rebels. The wounded agent comments she never thought she would be so glad to get off on Tatooine. After the landing, they examine the damage, Tala says they need a new repulsorlift shunt. They ask around and are directed to Haro Reeven's junkyard. Reeven is a Rodian, he owns a junkyard and farm, raising livestock. He says he has what they need, but he doesn't want money, he wants a favor. Its the end of the dewback mating season, and the females are getting ready to lay their eggs. He wants them to go into the Jundland Wastes, find a pregnant female and follow her until she lays her eggs and bring him back 20 eggs. They crew agrees and he gives them a skiff to take, a map of the breeding grounds and a padded egg crate. They return to their ship, gather supplies and a local map. Tala is left behind to pull the damaged parts and get ready for the replacement.
Its a two day trip out and on the second day the skiff is getting sluggish. Otto figures out its a short in the power system and fixes it. Later that day they spot a gravid dewback and follow her until she digs a pit and lays her eggs. But the crew isn't alone; two woodoo birds are watching, waiting for a chance to steal eggs also. When the dewback finishes and buries the eggs, they wait for her to leave, then begin digging. When they get down to the eggs, the woodoo charge. J'oss and Otto scramble to recover and pack the eggs while everyone else fights off the woodoo with blaster fire. Jado's rifle "jams" and he switches to pistol. They kill the two woodoos, then grab the egg crate and head out.
On the way back, they are passing through a valley when Tusken Raiders appear on the hillside and open fire. The crew returns fire but Jado's rifle seizes again. He repairs it, fires again and it burns out for good (Michael botched, made a repair roll and botched again). The raiders are aiming for Pekt, trying to kill the driver. He survives a couple of hits and as they get closer, the Raiders begin to drop. Then one manages a perfect shot into the steering controls. The skiff is still flying ahead, but can't brake or turn. As they sail past the ambush, they take out the last Raider with blaster fire and sail past. They need to stop for repairs, but don't want to stop here in case there are more ambushes waiting. Otto suggests that they steer the skiff by shifting weight from one side to the other and J'oss leads them back and forth. Once they are a safe distance away, they check the damage. The controls are shot, but Otto jury rigs a connection to his datapad and they take off. Later they realize the skiff is slowing down again, Otto checks his repair and sees the connection is too corroded. He dismantles Jado's blaster rifle for parts and they get moving again.
They return to Mos Espa and go see Haro. They complain about the crap quality of the skiff and he replies that he wasn't going to send them out with his best skiff. They close the deal and borrow the crappy skiff to carry the parts to the ship. But when they arrive, Tala is missing. Jado calls her on his comlink and she responds. She says she's in hiding, stormtroopers came by and searched the ship yesterday. She shows up disguised as a Jawa. When they ask her if she's a little tall to be a Jawa, she replies that Jawas are hideously ugly and smell bad. She put some bantha poo on the outside of her disguise and no one wanted to pull back her hood and check. They get the new parts in place and return the skiff, then take off and head for home.

(Gamemaster's note: This adventure was basically a series of traps and ambushes. I could have had stormtroopers arrive for a shootout during the repairs, and the picket ship could have sent TIE fighters after them for a space chase. But it was a good stopping point and Matt had to leave early, so we cut it short.)

Quotes and Smart remarks
Emily "My character is J'osswhedon, possibly the best Star Wars character name ever"

Trying to name the ship
Emily "What are Corellians into?"
Matt "Speed Metal"

Emily decides on the MF Windu
Kevin "Does it have purple racing stripes?"
Emily "No but it has a purple Twi'lek dancing girl as nose art"
Jim There better not be any mother fuckin' snakes on my spaceship"
Matt "Name it the George Lucas; its going to fuck you over and over and you're going to pay for it"

We needed to name the NPC Engineer
Emily "Damnit Johnson"
Jim "We already have a Johnson" <points to Mike>
A quick trip to a random Star Wars name generator
Jim "Tala Horne. Sounds Corellian. Tala 'Damnit' Horne"

Rolling 4d6 on a First Aid roll, Mike gets 3 1's and a 2
Matt "That's almost a QuadBotch"
Then Emily rolled 3 1's and a 6, but the 1 was on the wild die and she had to drop the 6
Jim "So your roll on 4d6 was 2…"

The NPC junkyard owner wants dewback Eggs
Emily "What about Saurin eggs?" <to Kevin> "You make eggs, right?"
Kevin "So we're stealing eggs from a lizard…"

Gathering gear for the trip, Kevin's character has Survival skill
Kevin "I'm a lizard; I've been in the desert"
Emily "You just need your belly and a big rock"

Looking for dewbacks
"Comb the desert!"

The controls on the skiff are damaged; its flying but they can't steer. Jim lets the PCs roll to realize they can steer by all jumping to one side or the other to shift weight
Emily "We need to use a song to synchronize, maybe a slave work song?"
Jim "No, no. The Time Warp; It's just a jump to the left…"

The crew rigs a datapad into the skiff's damaged controls
Jim "You are steering with Mario Kart"
Mike "Going to pick up some Blue Shells"