Earning Xian Jin the Hard Way

This was based on Akira Kurosawa's film, The Seven Samurai, which was later redone as the Western, The Magnificent Seven.

The player characters are a bunch of down on their luck gunslingers and adventurers, stuck in Fuldaville on Ezra. They get hired by a couple of local farmers to defend their village from bandits who are demanding part of their harvest as protection money. The PCs head out to the village and have the farmers set up the demanded goods in the middle of the fields. When the bandits arrive to pick up the goods (four men in two trucks and six on horseback), the players spring an ambush with support from the sniper. They kill most of the bandits, but a couple surrender and one squeals about the location of the bandits' camp. The players took the bandits' trucks and some bodies and set up a camp outside of town and set a second ambush when the remainder of the bandits came looking for them.

Gun-Fu martial artist- Konrad
Ex-Cop from Sihnon- Chmiel
Former Alliance Sniper- Matt
Ex-Browncoat Combat Medic- Steve
Gambler/Duelist- Zachary

Chmiel "Wait a minute, we're two samurai short!!" (He realized what the set up was halfway in)
Matt "Don't argue with the mute!"