Druid Spells

Thorn Whip (Transmutation)
(Converted from 5th edition)
Level - 1
Duration - Instantaneous
Casting time - 3 segments
Area of Effect - 1 creature
Range - 30 feet
Components - V, S, M (stem of a plant with thorns)
Saving throw - none.
The spell creates a vine-like whip that attacks a creature within range (make an attack roll with the caster's Wisdom bonus). Target takes a d6 damage/2 caster levels and if the creature is man-sized or less, it is pulled 10 feet towards the caster.

Barkskin now gives an armor class of 6, with an additional point per four levels beyond 4th (AC5 at 8th, AC4 at 12th, AC3 at 16th, etc.

Bull's Strength
This is a spell from 3rd edition, but I am using the stats from the Magic User spell Strength, but casting time and duration are in rounds, not turns (1 and 6/level respectively).