Droid Army Cache

Lieutenant Arden calls the team together for a mission briefing. A recon team searching uninhabited systems found an old landing pad and armored door in a hillside on the second planet of the Bormai system. The crew of the Shriek-Hawk is orederd to go there and see if there is anything useful for salvage. The planet is cold, so they get winter gear. Leelan requisitions a fusion cutter to deal with any locked doors and C'athall gets some thermal detonators. They fly to the planet and Varek lands on the cleared area. They can see the landing field is very old, dating back to the Old Republic, maybe before the Clone Wars. There is a small personnel hatch next to main door, both are armored. There is a keypad and scomp link next to the regular hatch, Redo plugs in and is able to open it. Zaonderh watches their backs and notices tracks from a large creature nearby. Inside there is a short passage to another door, this one is not as armored. Instead of a keypad, there is a simple two button control, probably just open and close. But the buttons have bar codes instead of numbers or letters. Playing with the buttons causes the door to open, it is old and slow, as if the power supply is weak. Inside is a massive warehouse chamber; there are more doors of varying sizes leading further into the hill side. Redo plugs into another terminal and brings up the warehouse lights, but one panel explodes, showering them with fragmants. Against a side wall are a group of repulsorlift cargo movers. Leelan and Zaonderh get a couple running. The explore a small door on one side, it leads to a few small offices, a break room and a small power generator. The generator is old and barely running. Hack starts up a terminal and begins slicing into the system. Varek and Zaonderh explore a medium sized door at the back, it leads to a hallway with store rooms. The first room has ordnance crates, again no letters, just bar codes. The first has blaster rifles, they are set aside for storage, no power cells and their gas reservoirs are empty. They also find grenades. Leelan opens a massive door on the other side of the warehouse and finds a dozen repulsor lift tanks of unfamiliar design. He tries to get one started, but it has an electrical problems and he bails out while Redo fights the fire. Leelan goes to another tank and gets it moving towards the center warehouse. Hack has the terminal up, he gets a sign in for Baktoid Armor Works. Zaonderh and Varek check the next room and find more small arms. They hear something and four old droids come around the corner and challenge them. Varek fires a grenade into their midst and opens fire with his blaster carbine shoulder gun. Zaonderh also fires and his hit by return fire and knocked down. Varek covers Zaonderh and continues to fire grenades and his blaster as more droids appear. Hack gets into the inventory system, it is a Trade Federation supply cache from the clone wars; tanks, munitions, 200 battle droids in cold storage and two dozen on sentry duty. C'athall and Hack run to help Varek, C'athall tends to Zaonderh and gets him back in the fight. More droids attack and they fight on, destroying a dozen of them. Leelan pulls his tank around and heads towards the second medium door. It opens and four more battle droids come out and open fire on the tank. Leelan grounds the tank and switches to a gunners seat and riddles the droids with blaster fire from the tank's starboard antipersonnel blaster battery. Two more droids peak around the corner and then retreat. They come back with anti-tank missile launchers, but Leelan fires on them before they can attack. Hack and Zaonderh go deeper into their tunnel, it comes around in a "U" and they are behind the droids attacking Leelan. They throw a grenade at the droids and catch them in a crossfire with the tank and finish off the active droids.
With the last of the droids down, Varek tends to Zaonderh's wounds. Looking at the material in the stockpile, they realize they can't carry it all away. They decide to focus on the blaster rifles and leave the grenades and heavy weapons which have proven to be unstable. Lelan and Hack suggest a crate of battledroids, so they grab a dozen as well. In the process of running cargo to the Shriek-Hawk, Varek and Zaonderh spot movement in the forest edge; its an Imperial Probe Droid! They open fire and it shoots back, Varek hits it with his repeating blaster and it self-destructs. C'athall rigs demolition charges and lets Hack push the button when they have taken off and are a safe distance away. They return to base and Sector Command is pleased with the haul they brought back. Hack writes a progeram to change the battle droids into worker units, he and Leelan install it in six of the battledroids.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Rolling initiative to see who gets the best chair in the briefing room, Lee super botches
Lee "I'm dragged out of the room by United Airlines"

During the briefing
Lee "That's not a distress call… It's a warning!"

The ship upgrades are complete, including the sensor jammer
Kevin "Yay! We can throw jam at people"

Kevin rolls so-so for a Piloting check
Jim "Adequate flying"
Kevin "I flew casual"

Scanning the planet, Emily beats Lee's Sensors roll
Lee "I was insensitive"

Talking about figuring out what was going on, someone suggested playing a TV game show
Michael "I want to buy a vowel"
Jim "You've got a pile of chips"
Lee "One big vowel movement"

Hack is working on the base's old computers and the rest of the team splits up to explore the base
Kevin "Did we want to leave him behind?"
Lee "Well, you all fucking did"

The battle droids attack the party
Lee "Exterminate!"

Trying to figure out how the tanks work
Kevin "How are these powered?"
Lee "Steam"

The Probe droid attacks
Michael "I'm behind Kevin, wherever he is"

Rehashing the last session for Mike, who came late, discussing Leelan's problems starting the tanks
Emily "Whenever I set something on fire, it's not on purpose. Unless I meant to do it"

Discussing Mirialans in galactic society
Emily "Are they like the Amish?"
Jim "No, they have wi-fi"

Talking about Emily's bad rolls
Emily "I haven't been playing this game very well today, its all luck based" <rolls poorly> "Oh shit…"
Michael "It's good you can roll that many 1's and 2's and still succeed"

"Groom the wookie" was a new euphemism

Discussing meeting William Shatner, who attended a local convention and what a tool he is
Mike "He's the whole tool box"

The players spent points to improve their characters and the usual "Training montage" became the "Grooming montage"