Drinking With The Devil

After hunting the grells for the Harpers, the party returns to their inn. In the morning, Edgar is gone and has left a note that he had some business to attend to. The party visits the Harpers to prove they killed the grells and they ask the party to investigate a report of drow attempting to infiltrate an event in a few days. Since the adventurers have various reasons to hate drow, they agree. In the meantime, Valder and Barakiel go to investigate the Kolat Towers, a mysterious old building protected by a magical force field that may be the base for the one handed man who is responsible for the death of Valder's father. They talk to locals and learn it was built decades ago by two wizards. Barakiel is able to use Blink to get through the forcefield and Misty Step to get out. They decide to make some preparations and ask more questions before trying to explore. The party receives an invitation to a party at the Cassalanters' mansion for their Founders' Day celebration. Since getting in is easier with an invitation, the party decides to go. The party arrives and mingles with the before dinner crowd. One thing that surprises the party is that the Cassalanters have four tiefling servants. That many tieflings in one place is unheard of. During dinner, Barakiel uses his shapechanging ability to appear as a servant and moves into the villa and Fenriz drops his wine glass in his lap to have an excuse to leave the table. Barakiel meets him and casts Invisibility on Fenriz so he can search the mansion. Searching the upper floors turns up little, but a locked chest with a gas poison trap contains ceremonial robes and gold horned masks. It's quite possible the Cassalanters are evil cultists. Fenriz moves into the basement and is blocked by a triple locked door, but searching further he finds a room filled with bags of gold coins and bars of gold. His last discovery is a temple dedicated to the arch devil Amodeus and a ceremony underway. He heads back upstairs to get the rest of the party. Upstairs, dinner has moved on to the ballroom upstairs, most of the crowd are younger nobles, but not the important movers and shakers or from older families. At midnight, all the party but Fenriz double over in pain, around them the guests are dropping dead in their tracks. The wine was poisoned with Midnight Tears, a magical poison that strikes at midnight. With a few healing spells and a lot of potions, the party mostly recovers. When one of the tiefling servants appears, the party ambushes and kills him. But the body changes into a doppelganger when its dead! Barakiel takes his form and Fenriz leads them downstairs to the secret rooms. The treasure room is empty and they move on to the temple. The door is guarded by some kind of devil, but Barakiel fools him with his tiefling disguise and strikes the devil from behind when it turns to open the door. The party piles on the devil and slays it, then moves on into the temple. The Cassalanters are leading the ceremonies, pouring gold into a flaming sacrificial bowl. The party plans quickly, then attacks. Valder opens with Shatter on the crowd of worshippers, killing a few and stampeding the rest. Orie, Harker, Fenriz, Barakiel and Tetsuo concentrate on the Cassalanters. Lord Cassalanter hits the party with several high level priests spells and summons a devil. Tetsuo steps up and chops the devil four times with his great sword. The party finishes the devil and lady Cassalanter, Lord Cassalanter Heals himself. But with no other allies to draw fire, he succumbs to the party's attacks.
The party rounds up the surviving cultists and lock them in the cells for sacrifices. Searching the basement, they find tombs, one has magic in it. That tomb is the crypt of the first Cassalanter, buried in his magic plate maile with a magic mace. His spirit appears to the adventurers, offering them his mace and armor if they will destroy the altar and idol. They agree and Harker takes the Mace of Disruption and Tetsuo takes the armor. Realizing they need help, they send Barakiel to the Harpers. Mirt shows up, but seems a little overwhelmed by it all. He leaves to get help and returns with the Blackstaff and a unit of city guards to arrest all the cultists and household staff and secure the estate. The party gets some of the leftover sacrificial treasure. They destroy the idol. The Cassalanter's two children are under a curse as sacrificial victims in an infenal contract, the Blackstaff takes them away to see if they can be saved.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing Callum's necromancer
Lee "He just wants to raise a family…"

Fenriz activates a poison gas trap
Kevin "Stop breathing"
Jim "That might happen"
Lee "Inadvertently"

The noble couple might be evil
Mike "Someone should go up to the lord and lady and say 'Hail Hydra' "