The Draugmkelder, or "dream gatherer", appears as a lantern of ordinary size, but exquisite make. The main body is gold with silver clouds and moons and gemstone stars. When the wick is lit, it smells of lavender and chamomile. When the user falls asleep, they can call to other people on the same plane who are sleeping and they will appear if they are willing, as they are dressed at the time. Their dream images have substance and people who have been gathered have a physical presence, somewhat like an Astral Projection. They can touch and be attacked by other guests or people in the real world near the lantern and eat and drink. When guests arrive, if they are dreaming at the time, some of their dream may come with them (a person dreaming of kittens may appear with the kittens, but they are only figments of the dream and not real creatures). The effect can last for up to 8 hours or until the user wishes it to end, or by dawn no matter what. Up to 49 guests can be summoned. The lantern may only be used once a week.

Based on the item from Kristen Britain's short story "The Dream Gatherer" in her excellent Green Rider fantasy series.