Dragon's Cave

The party is travelling south from LiMeth, heading into the Trollhome Mountains to find the cave of the green dragon Jathodrax so Raaha can recover something from his hoard to complete her quest for her genie patron. The genie speaks to Raaha and tells her the thing is a person, the famous Keshian bard Noora el-Saad, who disappeared over a year ago. The dragon has held her hostage for 18 months. There is a main entrance to the cave that the dragon uses and a smaller opening in the rear that is used by a group of bipedal creatures, which might serve the dragon.
Halfway to the dragon's cave, the adventurers are ambushed by a pair of cyclops while travelling through a dry river bed and Raaha is surprised. Gala hits them with Shatter while they are close together, Zinnius hits one with Lightning Arrow and Flynn tries to blind one with thrown javelins, but fumbles (multiple botches!) Jace slams one with Guiding Bolt (Natural 20!). One smashes Zinnius with a tree trunk, the other throws rocks. Flynn switches to axe and rages, Gala and Raaha hurl spells. The first cyclops drops to the ground, almost dead and Zinnius makes his horse buck and kick the cyclops, finishing it. The other falls over as well and Raaha kills it with an Eldritch Blast.
The party arrives at the dragon's cave and finds the second entrance. It is surrounded by bones and bits of animal kills and smells of troll… They decide to watch and see what is inside since they don't have to rush. They move away and Zinnius finds a good spot for their camp, then builds a hunter's blind where they can see the cave. Knowing trolls are night hunters, they set up watches from dusk to dawn. They watch the cave for several nights and decide there are at least three trolls. They wait another night until two trolls leave, then move inside. Jace gives an inspiring speech and casts Protection from Poison on himself, Zinnius and Flynn to blunt the damage from the dragon's breath. Jace also casts Silence on one of Zinnius' arrows and a Light cantrip. They enter the caves and find and kill a single troll. During the fight, Flynn's axe Gardrengi glows and burns the troll so it can't regenerate. They move deeper into the cave and see some light ahead. Inside the cave, the dragon is laying in the center, the bard Noora is playing a song on a balcony like side cave, 15 feet off the cave floor. They drop the Silence arrow on the ground and back up to confer. They douse the light.
Gala casts a Major Illusion of a section of cave wall, so they can hide behind it. Flynn summons his Tourmaline Dire Wolf and moves forward behind the illusion. Gala casts a Wall of Fire behind the dragon, Zinnius casts Hunter's Mark and Raaha casts Erupting Earth beneath the dragon. Flynn and his wolf attack the dragon, Zinnius casts hits it in the head with a Lightning Arrow (Natural 20, double damage! 8d8+2d6+5!). The dragon spreads its wings, knocking Flynn and the wolf down and jumps over the illusion. It lands in front of Zinnius and is about to attack when it spies Jace, Gala and Raaha in the back. It breathes poison gas on them instead. Gala runs to one side and quick casts a Lightning Bolt on the dragon. Raaha moves to one side to attack and Jace follows her to cast Cure Wounds. Zinnius shoots arrows, Raaha throws Eldritch Blasts, Flynn and the wolf attack from behind and get hit by the dragon's tail. Gala throws another Lightning Bolt, then a Fireball from the Staff of Fire. The dragon claws and bites at them, but the party kills it. Noora uses Misty Step to get down from her cave and thanks them for rescuing her and Raaha explains they were sent and her genie appears to talk to Noora. The genie wants her to become his court bard, he shows her Brandark's Harp. She will not be a prisoner, she will be paid and be able to travel to gather new music. He gives her a month to consider his offer, in the meantime he will teleport her home to see her family and relax before she decides. The genie turns to Raaha and thanks her for her service and completing her contract. He gestures and Raaha's ring floats to him. Anything inside appears at her feet and the genie makes a pulling gesture and Raaha's warlock powers are stripped from her!! (GM's note- I made a special character sheet for Sam, "Former Warlock" and gave it to her) Raaha is stunned and asked the genie if there is anything she can do. He says he would be willing to negotiate a new contract, one that would let her keep her powers permanently, but she would need to obtain one more artifact, a quest that would be harder than all the others. He gives her a week to consider it.
In the meantime, the party begins searching the dragon's hoard. They find thousands of coins, four art objects (paintings and statuettes), a scroll with Globe of Invulnerability, a magic crossbow, magic rod and a suit of ornate, keshian style enchanted studded leather armor.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing Chicago style foods
Nick "Chicago is to New York like Scotland is to Ireland"

Jack "I'm an artificer; I craft my own alibis"

Zinnius casts Lightning Arrow and hits a cyclops
Jim "He's hurt"
Brittany "Did he take an arrow to the knee?"

The cyclops has one hit point left, Brittany has Zinnius' horse buck and kick the cyclops to kill it
Brittany "Team Clomp and Stomp"
Jim "I thought you were Disco Inferno"

The ranger is looking for a good spot to set up to spy on the cave entrance
Jim "Ok, make…(pauses in thought)
Brittany "Oh God…"

Brittany "What do I know about trolls?"
Jack "They like Rick Astley"

Nick hits the button on his mechanical pencil and two inches of lead shoots out
Jim "A little excited there?"

Nick moves his character Flynn in between two others so he can attack
Jim and Sam "In it to win it"
Nick "In like Flynn''