Down to the Sea

The party arrives in Opal, planning to shop for equipment and possibly some magic items. At the city's wizard's guild, they find several magic items including a Deck of Many Things and a Ring of Spell Turning. They end up all contributing money to get the ring for Eroe to protect him from spellcasters in combat. Anna is interested in creating some magic items for the party, but they will need to do some preparations first. While they are at the guild, they meet an older female Hindi merchant, who says she was a wizard in her youth, but is not a merchant and antiquities dealer. She has a job she would like to offer them, the recovery of a statue from a shipwreck in the Inner Sea. She has a ship that can take them there, it's about a week's journey. She offers them 500 gold and a Potion of Water Breathing each. The party agrees and she gives them the ship and captain's names and directions to her berth at the docks. She shows them a drawing of the statue, its a life size piece of a woman in flowing robes, maybe a goddess?
The next morning the party reports aboard and the ship, the Osprey's Wing sets sail on the morning tide. Half the party is seasick for a few days and bad storms along their course put them behind schedule. In the middle of the night on the fifth day, some of the party is awakened by noise on the hull. They run up to the main deck and find six monstrous mermen like creatures climbing aboard, three on each side of the ship. One is headed for the helmsman. The sailors on the deck sound the alarm as the adventurers attack. Anna tries to climb over the edge to shoot a Lightning Bolt down the length of the hull, but falls into the sea. Pancho and Hudora snipe at the monsters while Eroe and Harper engage them. Raidne casts an Ice Storm spell, coating the side if the ship in ice and knocking two into the water. Anna returns to the deck with Misty Step and shoots a Fire Bolt at one of the creatures in the water. Harper drops one with a Guiding Bolt, Eroe slays another, Anna drops a third with an overcharged Magic Missile spell. Pancho and Hudora snipe two more and the ship's crew finishes the last. Harper heals the fallen helmsman. The captain and the rest of the off duty crew come up and take over. The captain takes a position reading and updates his charts and swears not to pass through these waters again.
The Osprey's Wing finally reaches the location of the shipwreck, it's a beautiful day and the wreck is vaguely visible in the depths of the clear waters. The captain takes the party aside and tells them their the second group of adventurers he brought here for the statue, the first group went down and didn't come back, they waited a few days for any sign of them. After what they did saving the ship and crew from the night attack, he owes them one. Raidne casts Water Breathing and the adventurers save their potions just in case.
They descend to the ship, a very large vessel, at least twice as big as their own. They swim down to the deck and Anna uses Detect Magic to find two magic items close together in the stern, probably on the lowest deck. They enter the stern and begin heading down stairs. Anna summons some mud mephits and sends them ahead to open some doors. The mephits are attacked by three zombies covered in barnacles and anemones. The zombies move fast and strike hard. One touches Eroe and drains some life energy from him; they're not zombies, they're wights. Hudora finishes two and Anna drops the last after the mephits have beaten them up. The party comes to the cargo hold at the bottom of the ship, there are three sharks in here that come to attack. But the sharks are undead, zombie sharks! They fight the sharks and from an open doorway at the stern end of the deck, a squid-like creature emerges and begins casting spells at them. Anna casts a Steel Wind Strike, but the creature reflects the spell at Eroe. Pancho and Eroe and Anna have killed the three sharks and they gang up on the squid. It casts Vampiric Touch to hit Anna with, but Eroe goads it and it hits him instead! Many of the party are wounded and Harper casts a Mass Healing Word. The party closes with the squid, raining attacks on it and it hits them all with a Circle of Death. Almost everyone is gravely wounded and moments away from passing out, but Hudora gets in a last arrow and kills it. The party takes a moment to recover and searches quickly. They find and enchanted hand axe and stone among treasure chests in the creature's lair. In the next compartment are other mundane cargoes and the statue. The statue's crate has rotten overtime, exposing it. The adventurers see why it's so valueable; the statue is carved from a single giant crystal! They move it outside and tie it with the ropes from the ship's winches and return to the surface to bring it aboard. Once the statue is safely stowed, the captain turns his ship for Opal. Taking a detour around the area where they were attacked, the ship makes port eight days later.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The adventure patron is a merchant and antiquities dealer
Chmiel "I didn't know there was a black market for old people"

There was a discussion which boiled down to baby mimics hide in their parent's mouth
Brittany "Mini-mimics. Minics!"

Chmiel was being flirty in character, which made Jack uncomfortable.
Jim "Remember, Anna is a hot elf chick"
Stacy, discussing Hudora "I'm short and hot"
Jim "I think I need a picture of pedobear to make a meme…"

The weather on the journey
Jim "The moon is three-quarters full"
Brittany "Sea-werewolves!"

We had a bit about sea chanties and played "The Captain's Wife's Lament", "The Beast of Pirate's Bay" and "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate".

Going undersea
Jack "I have a sinking feeling"
Jim "-1 chip"
Jack "But I don't have any"

The shipwreck is occupied by a giant squid-like creature, a Morkoth, that can cast spells
Chmiel "A squidcaster"