Down To The Sea

After returning from the lost caverns under Ifoss, the party examines the artifact recovered from the vampires. It looks like a hand axe with a short, scythe like blade. Roskva learns it functions as a magical weapon and can also cause wounds that bleed continuously. She also finds it works like a divining rod toward the other pieces, giving direction and an idea of distance. Ragnar tries as well and does get sense of the other pieces' location, but feels the piece is slightly evil. The nearer piece may be in the Inner Sea, so the party decides to head to Opal and see about hiring a ship. As they travel, Roskva continues taking measurements of the direction to the next piece and believes it's in the middle of the ocean. In Opal, they buy Potions of Underwater Action and hire a ship, a galleon named the Osprey's Wing. The captain estimates a week's journey each way. The first few days are uneventful, but on the fifth night, Duma is sleeping on the deck and is awakened by a sound like a crossbow. She sees the lookout in the crows' nest is slumped over with a bolt in him. Strange fishy humanoids are climbing over the rails, the ship is under attack! She charges into battle and yells for help. Some of the fish men try to attack the helmsman on the stern deck, others attack the crew. The rest of the party comes out of their cabins and spot more fish men coming over the rail on the other side. Iria spots one that might be a spellcaster and attacks it with Hexefeind. Roskva helps defend the helmsman. Ragnar casts Bless and then Forceward to push back the attackers. Rorgan uses his Ebony Fly and flies above, shooting arrows down. He spots a fish man riding a giant eel and giving orders, he swoops down and shoots the fish leader. He throws a spear at Rorgan and wounds the Ebony Fly. Duma hits the leader with a harpoon and starts pulling him in, but the leader pulls free and disappears under the waves. With the leader wounded and many attackers slain, the survivors dive for the sea and disappear. Rorgan heals the wounded.
A few days later, the ship arrives at the artifact's location, no islands are in sight, it must be on the bottom of the ocean. The party selects a few weapons usable under water, drink their potions and head under water. It's a beautiful, sunny day and sunbeams follow them down into the tropical water. They find a large shipwreck, the artifact is inside. There is a large hole in the ship's side, crew and cargo hatches lead into the wreck. They enter a hatch and move into the stern cabin area of the wreck. They are attacked by barnacle and sea life encrusted skeletons. The party destroys the skeletons with difficulty; they were much stronger than normal skeletons. Roskva casts Detect Magic and locates a powerful item and two other items on the deck below. They move down the ladder to the next deck and are attacked by more skeletons. Weakened by the previous fight and hampered by the tight surroundings and water, the skeletons wound the party severely. Ragnar is knocked unconscious, but the rest of the party destroys the last skeletons. They retreat to the ship so they can give Rognar a Potion of Healing. Once he wakes up, he heals the party and they return to the shipwreck.
Finally, the party comes to a store room with treasure chests. But they are ambushed by a sea monster, a multi-eyed beholder like creature, but with fewer eyes and crab like pincers. It immobilizes Duma with a beam from one of its eye stalks and tries to blind others with flashes from its central eye. The rest of the party gangs up and slays it and Duma is released from her paralysis. Using Detect Magic, the find the staff piece, it is the center of the Staff of Long Night. They also find a hand axe and a small polished stone. They take the items and treasure and return to the ship.
The party returns to Opal and begins a more thorough investigation. They have two pieces of the staff, but the third is moving, presumably the vampires have it and will try to get the rest from the adventurers. They consider destroying the pieces, but that would only delay the vampires, they would just need to find another item and the party would lose their lead. They ask the church of Tyr about magical locations where the ceremony could be held and other sources of information. Roskva talks to some local wizards and hears about a dragon oracle that is supposed to be in the Dragonspine Mountains about three weeks travel away.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Ryan's character has an Ebony Fly Figurine of Wondrous Power
Jim "It grows to the size of a pony"
Kimi "That should be a horsefly"
Someone asked what the fly's name was
Ryan "Frank"

Discussing the voyage across the ocean
Ryan"How long will the trip be?"
Matt "A three hour tour"

Discussing Kimi's barbarian, Matt was confused about the differences between 1st and 5th edition versions
Matt "Don't you have rage?"
Kimi "Every day of my life…"