Don't fear the Reaper

Algren, Bill, Frank, Hector, Marco

The team is sent to investigate a series of ritual murder/sacrifices in Rio de Janeiro. A group of ex-Nazis from the Special Group has been murdering young Germanic or Nordic tourists to use their life energy to stay young. One of the rituals went awry and the victim survived, but the killer died of rapid aging. When the PCs investigate, they feel a dark, angry presence, some sort of spirit trying to communicate with them. They try various means and get some clues from the spirit, which is the Grim Reaper. The clues lead them to a corporate retreat owned by a local investment firm. The PCs break in, fight some guards and the Nazis. They throw the Nazis out of the building, outside of the protective wards and the Grim Reaper takes their souls, since they unfairly cheated death for many years. The team recovers some arcane texts and an amulet that prevents magical or psychic detection of the wearer.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Matt "Doesn't mean I'm going to kill him, I just have swords"
Emily "Having a <audio> cassette collection is like having a turd collection"